Cloud Data Integration Sheds Light on Analytics

Cloud data integration (CDI) software is widely used to connect and sync disparate systems within a company and its workflows. The products increase internal communication and transparency by providing remote access to information between departments.

Additionally, the software with which CDI solutions integrate and connect can be used to offer organizations useful analytical data.

“We have been able to connect our backend software platforms seamlessly,” a reviewer of Informatica Cloud said. “I believe Informatica will provide a solution that will allow us to take Salesforce data and other software data and put it into the Analytics Cloud.”

Jitterbit integrates with Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud. The gist of its online description is that a business runs best when all functions can be evenly connected and considered. “To fully understand a customer you need to analyze all the data available including financials, orders, payments, demographics and credit history data that traditionally lives in the ERP applications like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and NetSuite,” Jitterbit’s website reads.

One reviewer listed the ability to integrate “different analytics platforms as well as custom fields in Salesforce,” as a benefit of using the product. Users can increase productivity and effectiveness by combining the power of data that would otherwise be stored separately. This not only connects data, but also the various teams that oversee and manage it.

“We have been able to connect our backend software platforms seamlessly.” A reviewer of Informatica Cloud

In a blog post from Jitterbit, the organization explains why the company chose to integrate with Salesforce’s analytics platform, Wave. “Jitterbit Analytics Connect harnesses the power of the Salesforce Analytics Cloud and external data, allowing business users to instantly analyze on-premise, cloud, mobile and social enterprise data from any device,” the release said. The goal is to not only improve company organization, but also increase insight to promote data-driven decisions.

The Salesforce Analytics cloud offers a number of valuable features. It can help teams determine which areas of sales could use improvement, which product cases are meeting SLAs over time and if certain sales people are meeting their quotas, just to name a few. When combined with a CDI tool such as Dell Boomi and integrated with other software products, these capabilities are fortified.

“Dell Boomi supports efficient integration with Salesforce environment with support of various connectors like Salesforce, Salesforce Analytics, Apex, HTTP Client, etc.,” one reviewer said.

The aforementioned Jitterbit blog summed it up best when it narrated that, “Utilizing a powerful analytics platform that harnesses data from multiple applications can bring powerful insights to decision makers at all levels of an organization, empowering smarter moves, faster.”

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