Trending Products 2018: Data Integration Tools

In 2018, data is more valuable than gold. This is undeniable, but implementing practical use can be complicated. The SaaS and microservices-based vendor landscape has forced companies to adopt a diverse array of software tools and many module-based cloud applications. Complementary tools require connectors, integration platforms and APIs to unify applications. These trending cloud data integration tools can give you an idea of the integration market’s future.

Identifying trends in the market can be difficult and speculative. But what cannot be denied is that these products have objectively grown in size and reach. We’ve identified them to draw connections between their value to users. Some data integration tools connect internal business applications, while others integrate data from hundreds of sources for user-facing applications. Either way, each tool intends on creating more cohesive applications by integrating multiple data sources.

This data is calculated through an algorithm we use to identify momentum in an industry. The algorithm is a beta version of what will eventually be used in larger, proprietary Momentum reports. The trending scores come from a variety of factors including employee growth, web growth, social growth and review growth. Not every product on one of the Cloud Data Integration Grids® qualifies. Each product had to fulfill a number of these factors at this same time last year. Those that do qualify have been mapped in the following graphic according to satisfaction score.


These scores are normalized for satisfaction to distribute equally across the axis. Four of these solutions received funding, which is not calculated into the momentum score. Four others are publicly traded, while the remaining are privately owned.

Our cloud data integration categories were broken out into a number of smaller segments in early 2018. What was previously one large group became divided into integration platform as a service (iPaaS)big data integration platformscloud migratione-commerce data integrationenterprise service bus (ESB)extract, load and transform (ETL) toolsstream analytics and other cloud data integration tools.

To be clear, not all of these tools are direct competitors. In fact, many have little overlap. iPaaS is likely the newest category to emerge, but stream analytics and big data integration are also emerging technologies.

Emerging technologies

iPaaS tools are trendy, dynamic solutions used to centralize integration controls for any number of purposes. These data integration tools simplify the API communication process while increasing data diversity and integration efficiency. iPaaS tools contribute to the evolving, interconnected digital ecosystem of cloud components, hardware and software.

Big data integration tools are powerful integration solutions capable of processing large amounts of heterogeneous information. After information is processed through something like Hadoop, the most commonly used big data processing tool, it can be integrated into applications, databases and cloud services.

Streaming analytics are also trendy since the creation of the internet of things (IoT). These data integration tools can process and transfer live datasets from multiple endpoints or nodes. Streamed data can be used to monitor endpoint performance and user behavior, as well as expand data warehousing capabilities.

The other solution categories (ETL, ESB, cloud migration and e-commerce data integration) are also practical and interesting solutions. They are just a bit lower on the “emerging technologies” scale since they’ve been prominent in within the digital transformation for years.

 ProductVendorMomentumSatisfactionMain Category
Anypoint PlatformMuleSoft83.6994.08API Management
Liaison ALLOY PlatformLiaison Technologies73.6650.5iPaaS
SegmentSegment72.6591.82Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
KibanaElastic71.1522.57Stream Analytics
Dell BoomiDell61.6289.64iPaaS
Lotus Notes to Outlook Conversion SoftwareSysTools Group59.6137.29Cloud Migration
IFTTTIFTTT54.0491.94Other Cloud Integration
IConductIConduct Ltd52.1665.48iPaaS
webMethodsSoftware AG48.3132.67On-Premise Data Integration
Rabbit MQPivotal46.0840.14Other Cloud Integration
Cleo Integration CloudCleo44.9878.14Electronic Data Interchange
StarfishETLTechnology Advisors41.8569.16Cloud Migration
Scribe OnlineScribe Software38.6479.46iPaaS
CarboniteCarbonite36.9284Cloud Migration
SAP HANA Cloud IntegrationSAP35.9811.15ETL Tools
Microsoft Azure BizTalk ServicesMicrosoft33.1216.17iPaaS
Informatica CloudInformatica32.1914.96iPaaS
IngresActian Corporation28.376.78Cloud Migration
Bedrock DataBedrock Data22.7520.8iPaaS
IBM App Connect ProfessionalIBM22.63.57iPaaS
Actian DataConnectActian Corporation19.4534.4Other Cloud Integration

* Momentum scores calculated using a beta version of our momentum algorithm

Funding Information

Vendor: Workato

2017 Funding: $10 million

Total Funding: $10 million

G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Workato is an integration and workflow automation platform that has been around since 2013. The platform combines traditional integration capabilities with machine learning to improve integration quality and speed. The tool also automates scaling and deployments to eliminate DevOps responsibilities for users and administrators. Its Market Presence score hasn’t quite lifted Workato into the Leader quadrant yet. Despite that, the product ranks fourth in overall score and has the second-highest satisfaction score in the entire 80-plus product iPaaS category. In addition, Workato just received its very first funding round, led by Storm Ventures for a hefty $10 million.

Vendor: Segment

2017 Funding: $64 million

Total Funding: $108.7 million

G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Segment is a widely implemented ESB solution used to collect, store and distribute SQL data. Activity and event tracking is centralized through one API to simplify the data-wrangling process and streamline its delivery.

Since launching in 2011, the company has received six funding rounds from investors including Y Combinator, Thrive Capital and Accel Partners. Segment is also the top-rated product in our ESB category and has 23 real-user reviews.

Vendor: PieSync

2018 Funding: €2.8 million

Total Funding: $5 million

G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5

PieSync integrates data between a wide range of business applications to maintain continuity across a company’s software stack. As opposed to a trigger-based synchronization tool such as Zapier, PieSync merges data in both directions to update both connected applications.

PieSync was rated the top product in the entire country of Belgium on G2 Crowd’s Best Software in Europe list. March, 2018 marked its second funding round in which the company received €2.8 from Fortino Capital.

Vendor: Jitterbit

2017 Funding: $25 million

Total Funding: $45 million

G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Jitterbit’s integration platform includes an API development environment for users to rapidly create their own integration tools. The dual-purpose platform includes nearly 200 pre-built application integrations as well as business process automation, reporting, and electronic data interchange (EDI) capabilities.

The platform has garnered 97 reviews on G2 Crowd and rounds out the top five products on our iPaaS Grid®. Jitterbit’s 2017 funding round was led by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co., the same company that invested $20 million in the business just one year prior.

Vendor: Carbonite

2017 Funding: $145.8 million

Total Funding: $196.2 million

G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Carbonite is a cloud migration solution used to connect business data to cloud backup solutions. The tool connects servers, data centers and endpoints to high-availability storage clouds. Companies choose to maintain cloud backups to prevent failover, increase business continuity and protect sensitive business data.

The company is actually publicly traded, but received post-IPO equity funding in March 2017. Carbonite was valued at $240 million at the time of its IPO. As of March 22, 2018, Carbonite’s market cap is listed at $803.48M, according to Yahoo Finance.

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