Top 5 Benefits of Web-Based Construction Management Tools

If you want to bypass the hassles of purchasing the right licenses, installing the software yourself and managing all of the upgrades, consider web-based construction management software. Web-based tools are accessible for use over the internet with a web browser. This type of software frees you from the system administrative tasks of overseeing installation, implementation and regular maintenance, allowing you to focus on the serious work at hand.

Let’s focus on the top five benefits of web-based construction management tools and G2 Crowd’s verified user reviews to help you make an informed decision.


Whether you’re on a job site, at the office or on the road — web-based construction management tools keep you accessible to your crew, job prospects and clients.

  • BuilderTREND

    BuilderTrend is a web-based construction management platform for contractors, remodelers and home builders, accessible by any device. One reviewer uses BuilderTrend for every facet of remodelling projects. Not only can the homeowners log in and follow the progress, BuilderTREND representatives are readily available via chats to answer any and all questions to keep the job moving smoothly.

  • Synchroteam

    Synchroteam helps you manage job scheduling and task assignment. This schedule and dispatch solution integrates with Zoho CRM. Synchroteam’s mobile app keeps you connected even when you lose network availability. If you use Synchroteam, be the first to write a review on G2 Crowd today!


Work smart with web-based construction management tools to maintain constant communication with your crew.

  • SmartBidNet

    SmartBidNet is a web-based construction management tool that focuses on communication of bid project data and documents. Featured integrations include Virtual Planroom Network, STACK, SmartInsight and SmartCompliance. One reviewer likes the ease of integration with company websites for document display and subcontractor registration.

  • Textura

    Textura facilitates collaboration across the construction industry by providing web-based construction solutions to cover all aspect of a project’s lifespan. If you use Textura’s productivity tools for your construction projects, be the first to write a review on G2 Crowd!


Determine bid pricing and estimate costs with web-based construction estimating software.

  • eSUB

    eSUB offers cloud-based project management solutions for executives, project managers, field workers and accounting staff. One reviewer appreciates the ability to coordinate with subcontractors, track RFIs and manage payroll.

  • On-Screen Takeoff

    On-Screen Takeoff is a highly customizable web-based construction estimating and takeoff solution software for efficient project definition and benchmarking. Many reviewers appreciate its ease of use, intuitive design and precision.

  • Corecon

    Corecon helps construction managers, subcontractors, homebuilders, engineers and general contractors automate all operations. If you’re a current user of Corecon, be the first to write a review today! All financial data can be transferred from Corecon to Xero for accounting processes.


Web-based construction management tools can help you manage all projects with one tool that works in tandem with other software.

  • RedTeam

    RedTeam is a comprehensive web-based construction management and accounting solution developed by contractors. Simplify your construction needs via integration with QuickBooks and PlanGrid. If RedTeam provides you with the project management and collaboration tools you need — be the first to review them on G2 Crowd today!

  • Procore

    Procore is a web-based construction management tool that provides your team with clear communication channels and project support to view and share submittals, RFIs, contracts and schedules. Procore integrates with other solutions including Box for file sharing, Sage for accounting, and Microsoft Project for project management. Reviewers appreciate the ability to control who sees what when sharing documents and the history, or paper trail, of all changes anyone makes to any document.


When you use web-based construction management tools, you won’t have to worry about updating or backing up any servers. A highly secure data center will maintain all of your company’s sensitive data.


    SKYSITE allows you to keep your drawings, specs and other documents safe and secure, as well as accessible from any device in real time. Managing all of your secure data in the cloud will help you identify projects at risk and respond accordingly. Be the first person to review SKYSITE on G2 Crowd today!

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