Spread The Love: Focus on Happiness For Successful Content Marketing

Audiences (especially millennials) have put on blinders to traditional advertising, but internet communities still present marketers a solid opportunity for connecting with their audiences. Between the clickbait headlines and the overabundance of viral articles being shared every day, it’s easy for your message to get lost in the crowd. How are you supposed to shine through the thousands of posts bombarding potential customers? Spread the love and appeal to their emotions with content marketing software that focuses on happiness.

We’re constantly exposed to negative news and more often than not we are looking for an escape from the issues in our own lives. . As marketers, providing audiences with a way to “restore” faith in humanity brings a new level of emotional engagement and subconsciously fosters a level of trust and loyalty among audiences. Not only is this good for our collective psyche, it also helps to further your brand without blatantly spouting a sales pitch.

Emotional engagement is an effective tool in content marketing– happy and motivational thoughts, as well as positive posts, are contagious. Studies have shown that sharing our happiness with others increases our own happiness. It makes sense, then, that happiness is one of the main motivators for social sharing.

A Buffer study of highly rated viral images found that those eliciting feelings of joy, interest, anticipation, and trust were the ones that received the most engagement. If your content marketing goal is to increase likes, shares, or comments, contributing to your audiences’ happiness is a proven strategy.

The key is to engage audiences with a motivational or positive message by appealing to their desire for good, which they will then want to share with others. By connecting with your audience emotionally, they become more receptive to your products and calls to action in the future. I know, easier said than done.

Here are some steps to help you create a content marketing campaign based on spreading happiness:

  1. Define your target audience and develop a profile. Your audience should be your number one concern prior to putting out a piece of content marketing. What works for one definitely will not work for all, and understanding your target audience will help you make the best emotional appeal possible. While your overall target audience may be both men and women age 24-30, the content that’s going to appeal to the emotions of a 24 year old woman may differ from that of a 29 year old man. Think about the level of sophistication of your audience, and determine what they will find uplifting.
  2. Consider the story you want to tell and formulate a strategy to share it via the written word and visually. Videos and images can add a powerful component to the story you’re trying to tell. Additionally, the fonts and colors you choose can create different emotions. Yellow, for example, is viewed as optimistic and youthful, while blue creates feelings of trust and security.
  3. When determining a venue for your post, think about the most appropriate fit for the audience. Think outside of the traditional social media networks if you’re looking for new ways to expand your audience. For example, Reddit has over 174 million active users and a number of subreddits focused on happiness and social sharing, such as /r/GetMotivated, which features positive and motivational content and over 5 million readers. If you’re looking for a more traditional route, Facebook is one of the top social platforms for sharing emotional content. It’s a more personal venue, while sites like Twitter and LinkedIn are more effective for sharing industry content.
  4. Strike a balance between content and message. Content marketing allows businesses to provide valuable, information to audiences without directly trying to sell a product. Remember that content marketing is meant to build trust and engagement among a target audience, which will eventually lead to brand loyalty. Promote positivity and provide emotional value to your readers without overwhelming them with branding or a sales pitch. Chances are, adding such information will lead to distrust among your audience.

Creating emotionally driven content isn’t simple and it may take some trial and error to determine the type of content that elicits happiness from your target audience. Develop personalized messaging that makes your audience feel as though they are part of a larger community. By providing them with content they may want to share with their friends, you’ll expand your reach and build that community.

Once you find a method that works for your audiences, stick with it and perfect it. You may have some misses, but even if you don’t see the amount of engagement you’d hoped for at least you’ll have made a conscious effort to spread the love.


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