CEOs Behind the 10 Best CRMs According to User Satisfaction

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There are nearly 200 (195 to be exact) CRM software products on G2 Crowd. In such a competitive space, products are vying against one another to be the best customer relationship management platform. Products must excel in specific CRM features or be geared toward a niche industry to stand out, such as real estate CRM software.

Recently G2 Crowd released its Fall 2017 CRM Grid® Report. It’s no easy task being one of the best customer relationship management tools. Behind every great CRM is a great leader. We decided to highlight these CRM leaders.

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Meet the 10 CEOs behind the 10 CRMs with the best user-rated satisfaction —

Marc BenoiffSalesforce CRM – 96
What’s there to be said about Marc Benioff that hasn’t been already? Salesforce’s name is based off of the term Sales Force Automation. His company is worth $8 billion, trades under the tag CRM on Wall Street for more than $96/share and puts on the biggest SaaS trade show of the industry in Dreamforce. Did we mention Salesforce CRM has over 3,200 reviews on G2 Crowd?

Brian HalliganHubSpot CRM – 96
While HubSpot’s main platform offering is a marketing automation tool, Halligan still manages to have the CRM with the second-highest user satisfaction ranking. How have HubSpot and Halligan achieved this? By being a small-business-focused CRM platform. His tool is offered for free to small-business users, and 469 of 674 (approximately 70 percent) reviews came from small-business users. We see you, Brian, and we like what you’re doing.

Jon LeeProsperWorks CRM – 95
Lee has managed to separate ProsperWorks from the pack by being the number-one CRM for companies using Google and G Suite. Like HubSpot, ProsperWorks CRM is mainly a tool used by small businesses; 85 percent of their 240 reviews came from small-business users. Lee’s customer relationship management tool doesn’t have the market presence of HubSpot and Salesforce, but still manages to be a highly successful CRM platform with customers such as Google and Lyft.

Tyler KingLess Annoying CRM – 95
King and Less Annoying CRM take a much different approach than other Sales Force Automation tools on this list. First off, just look at its name. Taking a less businessy approach to its product name and offering a super affordable entry price makes King’s CRM platform a great CRM option for small businesses. That comes back around to help Less Annoying CRM as well, as it is tied for third in (only one point behind first) for the highest user satisfaction among CRM products.

Jon FerraraNimble – 94
Keeping the trend of being a small-business-first CRM, Nimble and Ferrara’s platform is a cost-effective product for those SMB companies. Ferrara’s tool is also widely used across the advertising and marketing world; 18 percent of all user reviewers came from marketing and advertising agencies. Be sure to check out our “Small Business Roadmap” interview from earlier this year with Jon Ferrara as well for tips to help your small business.

Girish MathruboothamFreshsales – 94
Freshsales is the CRM from the vendor that originally brought us Freshdesk. Regardless, Mathrubootham has built an extremely well-liked CRM platform. In direct comparison to HubSpot CRM and other tools, Freshsales outranks its competitors in Sales Force Automation and other simple CRM feature ratings. That’s impressive for a new CRM tool, released in 2016.

JP WerlinPipelineDeals – 92

Werlin’s CRM platform combines sales intelligence and customer relationship management features. PipelineDeals brags about being the easiest-to-use CRM, and user data backs that up. In a head-to-head comparison, users rate PipelineDeals easier to use than Salesforce CRM. That’s impressive for a CRM platform that has only 12 percent of the user review share that Salesforce does.

Michael FitzGeraldOnePageCRM – 86
OnePageCRM is one of the least-reviewed products on G2 Crowd with only 30 reviews, but still has one of the most-liked CRM platforms for sales force automation. It’s surprising as well that OnePageCRM has only raised $750k in funding (which came in 2013). Despite an insane difference in valuation among itself and others on this list like HubSpot, Salesforce and ProsperWorks, OnePageCRM manages to still have a great CRM platform that its users love.

Nikolaus KimlaPipeliner CRM – 86
Another underfunded company, Kimla’s Pipeliner CRM has only raised $1M to date. But like OnePageCRM, its users love its customer relationship management platform. Pipeliner CRM also beats Salesforce CRM in all but one user-rated satisfaction category. For an underdog, that’s pretty awesome. And who doesn’t like to root for an underdog?

Dmitri EroshenkoRelenta CRM – 83
The last CRM tool on this list also has the fewest reviews at 20. The tool has been around for a while (founded in 2003), yet still doesn’t have nearly the market presence as any other tool on this list. Eroshenko, who also started AdJuggler, now plays underdog against the big guys like enterprise customer relationship management tool Salesforce and the small-business CRM leader HubSpot.

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