CRM Features: Date Better with a Relationship Manager

Yes, it’s that Winter month of 💕love💕again. You can either resign yourself to a typical Sunday of Pretty Little Liars and independence, or you can rev up your Tinder game. Text all those long lost honeys you’ve fallen out of touch with, and reactivate all those profiles that still describe you as “6’3” and “super outdoorsy.” Before long you’re getting texts from Sarah Blue Scarf, OkCupid Brad, and DO NOT TEXT THIS NUMBER, and your iPhone is blowing up with notifications from every dating app in the App Store.

If you’re going to end up with that fairy tale Valentine’s Day 2016, it’s going to take some dedication to weed out the rubbish, slough through all those pictures of tigers and Machu Picchu, and keep track of all these new love interests.

What are dating CRM Features? And, how would users score them against traditional CRM features?

If your dating game requires some advanced juggling, software could be the answer. What are the best features for your dating automation system? You might find some business CRMs actually do everything you need to scale your online dating to the next level.

G2 Crowd is powered by real user reviews of software, and every time a user fills out a survey about their CRM system, they rate it across 34 different features often included in CRM software. This data helps buyers differentiate between products in a crowded market. Check out the different kinds of features below (and which dating CRM features will help you find the perfect match come February 14th).

a.k.a. Love Life Pipelinecrmdating-1

The bread and butter of CRM is tracking contacts and your interactions. In the office, you need to know your prospects’ email addresses, work and cell numbers, and maybe their LinkedIn page and Twitter handle. A CRM should remember the last time you sent them a marketing campaign or gave them a call. You can also keep notes like “Follow-up about yearly discount; ask about his daughter’s piano recital,” automatically adding tasks and meetings to your calendar. Minutia about quotes, contracts, and deals would be stored in the CRM’s database as well. The sales pipeline helps sales teams visualize their opportunities by recording which deals are near closing, which will require more nurturing, and which have gone cold.

A dating CRM would take contact information a step further, I imagine, tracking where you met, where you’ve been on dates, their Snapchat and Instagram, and their music preferences. It would help you sort out date times and details associated with potential partners, and keep track of relationship stages: Just Chatted, Got the Number, First/Second Date, and Not Going to Work Out.

And like a CRM tracks which of your resellers is raking in the most cash for you, maybe a dating CRM should keep tabs on which of your wingmen or wingladies sets you up for the layup and which ditches you without paying their tab.


Check out common CRM features to find the best ways to automate your sales team or accelerate your love life.

a.k.a. Sup?-omaticcrmdating-2

At work, the CRM bridges the sales and marketing departments. Marketers populate it with new potential customers and remind them about services with various kinds of outreach. Email marketing is usually a must, to blast out discounts, promotions, and other reminders to cold opportunites. You can also record other campaigns like social media, snail mail, or automated phone contact.

I doubt the casual dater is sending a lot of email campaigns to future sweethearts, but maybe a good SMS text service? When you’re striking out on Coffee Meets Bagel, you can shoot a quick “Hey, how ya been?” to those folks you haven’t heard from in awhile. You could filter contacts by a common interest before firing off that event invite. And, automatically post “Happy birthday!” to Facebook on their special day? Now that’s front-of-mind awareness.


Spread the word about your amazing customer service or your Civil War reenactment hobbies with these marketing features.

a.k.a. It’s not me, it’s you.crmdating-3

Okay, if your dating CRM needs customer support features, you are doing something wrong.

But in business, customers will often have questions and complaints. On a large scale, CRM products may support call centers or have functionality to open support tickets, record issues, and resolve requests.

a.k.a. Swag Assessmentcrmdating-4

You’re putting on the moves, but is it working?

The best part of tracking all your interactions—in the office and outside it—is you can report on your success rates.

  • If I call instead of text after the first date, do I get more second dates?
  • If I email this marketing flyer, how many contacts open it?
  • Do I do better with creative types or finance yuppies?

Reporting features help you analyze all that data. A/B testing marketing materials is just as important as A/B testing your Happn photos!
Compare CRMs side-by-side to find the one that best breaks down the science of romance or the science of conversion.

a.k.a. Commuter Casanovacrmdating-5

These features become more important in the business world as businesses are increasingly expected to have a presence on social media and sales people spend more time on the go. Mobile features help CRM users utilize the systems from their smartphones and tablets. Social features integrate with Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms to pull in comments, mentions, and messages and route them appropriately within the organization.

For dating, these features are essential. Effectively Facebook- and Twitter-stalking your dates is the best way to get the skivvy on a new prospect. And most dating networks are mobile-only, so any dating CRM that’s tied to your desktop is as useless as my profile on

a.k.a. <3OScrmdating-6

This is a section for administrators to rate platform-level features, like user permissions (allowing employees access to which modules or settings), application speed and performance, and workflow management. Different CRM platforms provide different levels of customization. More customizable platforms can be tailored to an organization’s exact specifications, but these products are often more difficult to set up and maintain.

The customizability of your dating CRM would probably depend on personal preference, but I imagine custom fields would be important to the dating CRM user. Then you could record all those important-to-note qualities that you wished you had remembered before making that 1 a.m. phone call:

  • Quality of breath
  • Actual height
  • Tardiness
  • Vegetarian?
  • That thing they did with their eyebrows that was kind of cute but also kind of reminded you of your uncle Ted
  • Net worth

Whatever is important to you!

a.k.a. Plug and Playcrmdating-7

Integration is all about removing manual steps taken between systems. A CRM that is integrated with your email service can record all the times you’ve pinged a contact right in their contact record. Or, integrating it to your accounting system can prompt that system to recognize the revenue from a contract. The better integrated a software ecosystem, the fewer manual processes (i.e. busy work) required to run a business.

On the dating side, I’d want my dating CRM to pull all my contacts from all my dating apps automatically and to populate all that info into my phone contacts list. It could even integrate my credit cards to tally just how much cash I’m funneling into the prospect of happily-ever-after to convince myself once and for all that love is an expensive fairy tale and I’m better off adopting a dog and being alone forever.

Find all those functional features that make managing your customers or your admirers a breeze by exploring the products and real user reviews in G2 Crowd’s CRM category.