How CRM Integrates with CPQ and its Benefits

CPQ software can be hugely beneficial to a sales team. By automating several functions within the quoting and proposal process, the beginning of the sales cycle can become significantly more efficient. In addition to efficiency, CPQ software increases the accuracy of quotes, ensuring customers have better pricing visibility at an early stage. Certainly, these are tremendous benefits, but if you can’t effectively communicate and convey them to the customer, they’re not worth a whole lot.

That’s where customer relationship management (CRM) software comes in, specifically how it integrates with CPQ tools. CRM software helps sales reps more effectually impart the benefits realized from CPQ software to the customer.

CRM platforms are a hub for communication between a sales team and its customers. The systems track interactions, manage leads and store customer information. CRM integration with a CPQ tool allows you to relay the data created by the CPQ tool to the customer easier. Many CPQ platforms that integrate with CRM products enable you to create a quote and send it to a customer all in the same system.

When all of these sales tasks are being completed within one unified system, errors can be greatly diminished. The reason for the reduction in errors is that there are simply fewer moving parts. Since you’ll only be signing into one program to perform both CRM and CPQ functions, you’ll cut down on the need to enter duplicate data into two separate systems, and, as a result, cut down on the opportunity for human error.

Since CPQ integration with a CRM streamlines the sales workflow, there’s also the benefit of a shortened sales cycle. When the two are integrated, you’ll no longer need to sign in to several different tools. Sales reps can generate a proposal and pull a customer’s contact information all at the same place, resulting in less time allocation to administrative tasks.

What Have Users Said?

Drilling into the data, there’s a clear correlation between a CPQ product’s ability to integrate with a CRM and its overall satisfaction. In G2 Crowd’s Fall 2016 CPQ Grid℠ report EndeavorCPQ, Salesforce CPQ and QuoteWerks had the three highest scores for CRM integration. They also had the three highest G2 scores and three of the four highest overall satisfaction ratings.

When combing through reviews of CPQ software, it’s easy to see that the ability to integrate with a CRM is commonly front of mind. One reviewer said they were, “looking for ways to streamline our process flow for quoting projects and having them automatically integrate into our CRM and not create extra work or doing things twice.”

Another said, “I love the integration with my CRM.  [It] pulls in contact info, writes back as a forecasted sale and linked document… very convenient!”

There’s no doubt that both CPQ and CRM tools are extremely useful, even when used separately from one another. But when you connect the two and use them in concert, the two disparate tools become one super-powered sales weapon.

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