How Outside Sales Uses CRM

Inside and outside sales teams often share the same overarching goals, but the way they work toward reaching them can be very different. In fact, a role in inside sales can look completely different than one in outside sales. Each have their own benefits, for example, an inside salesperson has the benefit of working from an office where they have access to their computer at all times. Not only does this make communication—both with clients and fellow employees—easier, but they’re also constantly within reach of tools that facilitate sales— customer relationship management software, or CRM, for example.

While outside salespeople generally don’t have the same technological advantages of an inside sales team, they have the indispensable benefit of face-to-face interaction. However, this alone isn’t enough. Outside salespeople need tools that help with organization, communication and overall efficiency. That’s where CRM for outside sales comes in.

CRM software, which is sometimes called sales force automation, provides sales teams with the tools to track and manage sales interactions. By using this software, sales teams ensure customer contact data is easily located. Additionally, it allows them to track leads and analyze sales data.

Thanks to humanity’s unending technological pursuit, outside salespeople now have access to the tools which help inside sales teams work efficiently. Many G2 users claim that CRM software is integral in contact management for outside sales. This doesn’t just mean storage of contact information, but it means the tracking of customer interactions. So not only does this save time by boosting the organization of contacts, CRM software helps cut down on miscommunication and prevents potential customers from falling out of your sales pipeline.

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CRM assists outside salespeople in more areas than communication, though. G2 Crowd users of CRM software praise the software for providing “a way for our outside salesmen to become more effective and efficient while on the road. Not only is it a good database to use in-office, but it makes the lives of our traveling salesmen and service technicians much easier.”

In addition to improving efficiency, CRMs can help unify inside and outside sales teams. Customer information, whether it’s preferences or statistics, can be key in making sales. Assuring that inside salespeople and outside salespeople working on the same account are privy to the same customer information is crucial in presenting a cohesive message to the customer. CRMs are great tools for storing this kind of information.

Lastly, and maybe most obviously, outside salespeople need a CRM with an effective mobile app. Because they are constantly on the go, outside salespeople may not have the luxury of opening up their laptop and connecting to wifi whenever it suits them. G2 Crowd’s CRM GridSM report shows user satisfaction scores for different CRM products’ mobile application. These ratings can provide beneficial insights when selecting the right CRM.

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