The CRM Value Grid℠: Users weigh in on which products deliver the most bang for the buck


Two months ago, G2 Crowd released our fourth Grid℠ report on CRM software, analyzing more than 2,500 real user reviews to rank products across 6 satisfaction ratings and 35 product features; the report also includes data on vendor market presence, implementation, user adoption, and ROI. CRM buyers have let us know what a valuable resource the Grid℠ report is during the software evaluation process. Building on this and with the goal of further assisting CRM buyers in finding the right product for their needs and budget, we created the CRM Value Grid℠. The CRM Value Grid℠ below shows which CRM products deliver value to their customers at a low price and which products users love despite heftier price tags.

Satisfaction is determined by our patent-pending algorithm, and reviewers also rate products on a scale from inexpensive to expensive. The size of the dot is determined by the product’s market presence score, and the color of the dot is determined by the product’s placement on the CRM Grid℠ as of July 9, 2015. The CRM Grid℠ is always live, and adjusts with each new CRM review posted on G2 Crowd.

Below are the top ten CRM tools that deliver the best value and their respective value scores.

  1. Nimble — 85
  2. Nutshell — 83
  3. Hubspot CRM — 79
  4. Salesnet — 76
  5. Pipedrive — 75
  6. — 75
  7. CiviCRM — 73
  8. PipelineDeals — 74
  9. Apptivo — 72
  10. Base CRM — 73

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