Useful Software for Small-Business Sales Teams

Sales teams at small businesses can have a particularly difficult time finding success. Not only are they trying to sell a product or service that has less of a household name, but they’re also trying to tackle this daunting task with a small team.

As with most aspects of a small business, it definitely helps to have some tools to give you the upper hand with your sales department. You just need to find what works for you and your specific company. Luckily, there are various sales team software options you can utilize to give your team some relief.

CRM All-in-One

Through its many features, all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) software allows you to develop customer relationships and respond to customer needs. CRM software is an especially great tool for small business sales teams because it allows them to handle all customer-related business in one place. CRM all-in-one software handles email and lead marketing, contact and website management and help desk monitoring, among other things. It’s a great way to keep things streamlined and efficient and helps avoid any communication issues between your sales team and your customers.

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Email Tracking

Email tracking software is another option you should consider. Email tracking is a great software for sales team because it automatically tracks emails and collects analytics, tasks that would take a particularly long time for a small sales staff to complete. This an especially good tool to monitor just how well you’re executing communications with your customers. It saves you time because you can focus on what’s effective rather than what gets little-to-no clickthroughs. Small sales teams have to make the most of their time.

Web Conferencing

Just because you have a small sales team doesn’t mean they all work in the same place. In fact, a lot of small businesses today utilize remote employees. Keep an open line of communication by investing in web conferencing software, an important software for sales team. This tool helps you run audio meetings, video meetings and seminars, as well as incorporate team collaboration features for what’s typically a low cost.


Proposal software is all about streamlining and automating, specifically for the Request for Proposal (RFP) process for sales operations. This software quickly generates and shares documents and tracks their impact on RFP. Proposals are the first step to making a sale, so you want to make sure you do them professionally. A small team has fewer eyes and is prone to errors and time hangups, so a proposal software can make all the difference.

Making sales and managing a sales process are never easy tasks, especially when your team is compact. With a small team comes more need for efficiency and constant communication, that’s where the various software for sales teams come in hand. From tracking emails to keeping your remote employees constantly involved to helping automate the RFP process, you have many software options that you can utilize at your small business to make your sales go more smoothly.

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