What Is a CDP

What Is a CDP? Connecting to Your Customers With a Customer Data Platform

Have you ever simply just gotten bored of a brand?

I experienced this first hand a couple years ago. I found a quarterly subscription box through a Facebook advertisement that I was really excited to order. A company offering a varied assortment of products, plus engaging articles on its social media pages? I was sold. After about a year, I decided I didn’t need the products in the subscription box and those articles were clogging my social media feeds. I cancelled my subscription.

That is a marketer’s worst nightmare.

What is a CDP?

The user experience is everything in marketing. We, as customers, have an incredibly short attention span. If a business doesn’t appear to be specifically in tune with our needs, it could very well lose our business.

It’s pretty unreasonable to expect brands to cater to every individual’s needs, but a customer data platform helps marketers get a little closer. A customer data platform (CDP) offers a complete view of your individual customers by grabbing information from such channels as websites, mobile apps and email platforms. This allows businesses to leverage that information for marketing campaigns and learn what needs to be done to retain customers on a more personalized level.

Why did we add the CDP category to G2 Crowd?

At G2 Crowd, we are all about helping businesses make the best decision for their organization. These decisions are often data-based. In the past, a marketing team would likely have to utilize something like a data warehouse to store their data, along with the rest of the company’s data. But a CDP specifically serves a marketing team — this is a game changer for marketers.

CDPs offer a number of benefits that will help turn data into actionable insights. Your customers interact with your brand in a number of ways, and a CDP can house all this data for you. This customer information will allow you to make the best decisions for your business.

You can also use this data to predict your customers’ moves. Having the power to see how a customer has already interacted with your brand means that you can predict their next move. That means you can offer something like a personalized promotion, which will keep them around longer.

This software can help you to recognize which of your customers interact more with your brand. That means you reduce communications with those that are not quite as active. I think we all know that an influx of business emails can make or break the decision to stay connected with a brand. For these reasons, CDP has more than proven itself deserving of a spot within our marketing software categories and any marketer’s software stack.

Players in the CDP field

As CDP is a brand-new category to G2 Crowd, which means we currently do not have a lot of user reviews. So by all means — leave a review if you can. Selected at random, here are a few of the products we have added to our Customer Data Platform category.


Amperity what is a CDP

Amperity is an intelligent customer data platform that empowers brands to create personalized experiences for each customer by unlocking all relevant data. Amperity uses machine learning and computing power to stitch together complete customer profiles, which can be used to fuel customer 360 initiatives, acquisition and retention marketing. Reach out to Amperity directly with pricing inquiries.


BlueConic what is a cdp

BlueConic harnesses the data that allows businesses to recognize individuals at each interaction. This tool then synchronizes their intent across the marketing ecosystem. BlueConic prides itself on its usability — the platform provides a point, drag and click interface that does not require advanced technical knowledge. The team behind BlueConic calls the platform a “built-for-purpose” CDP, which means that every technical decision they make supports core CDP use cases.

One BlueConic review praised the tool’s usability. According to the reviewer, “BlueConic’s technology and interface is second to none. They excel at taking potentially difficult tasks and making them easy for users to accomplish without having to stretch the platform’s limits or reach out to customer support.”

BlueConic has three different pricing plans. Pyxis, which is free of cost, is recommended for businesses with 1,000 or fewer identifiable customer profiles. The Chamaeleon plan, which starts at $500/month, is best for business with 1,000–20,000 identifiable profiles. Businesses with more than 120,000 identifiable profiles should consider the Phoenix plan, which starts at $2,000/month.


BlueVenn what is a CDP

BlueVenn unifies all your online and offline marketing data to provide you with a single view of your customer. At the same time, BlueVenn’s CDP integrates and enhances your company’s channels. This tool is geared toward businesses in industries such as hotels, gaming, finance, retail, media and more.

BlueVenn pricing depends on the size of your database. Users with up to 100,000 contacts can select the standard plan, which comes with one user license and the option to integrate two data sources. This option is available for $3,000/month, billed annually. The advanced edition is ideal for users with up to 500,000 contacts and is offered at $5,250/month, billed annually. This includes the option to integrate four data sources and comes with two user licenses.

The premium edition is offered at $12,750/month, billed annually, and is ideal for businesses with up to 2 million contacts. Users can integrate up to eight data sources and utilize four user licenses. If your business has more than two million contacts, reach out to BlueVenn for a customized quote.


ONEcount what is a CDP

This CDP was designed specifically for media companies. ONEcount is an identity-driven advertising and targeting platform. This tool’s targeting capabilities can help businesses to create personalized content and banners, based on users’ behavior and identity. ONEcount’s net of identity and behavioral tracking ties all your data streams into one unified dashboard.

ONEcount uses what they call the identity and behavior approach to activate audiences in real-time. This CDP also offers data management platform (DMP) capabilities. Utilize features such as unified dashboard reporting, instant targeting, and a drag-and-drop builder. Reach out directly with pricing inquiries.


quickpivot what is a CDP

QuickPivot allows users to aggregate, clean, mine and unify their data to have a 360-degree view of their customer bases. With this tool, users receive specialized customer segmentation and easier cross-channel campaign planning. QuickPivot combines big data analytics, customer insights, visual segmentation and customer journey mapping all in one platform.

QuickPivot offers five different pricing packages. Each includes different features with its own intended purpose. The first is Messenger, which is a cross-channel digital messaging platform that starts at $24K/year. Features include list management, email marketing, SMS marketing, print marketing and more. The Target plan is ideal for those who need segmentation and customer targeting. It starts at $36K/year and includes a dedicated QuickTarget Database, standard segmentation, lookalike modeling and more. The Basic plan is available at $48K/year geared toward cross-channel marketing suites. Features include QuickTarget for Real Time Segmentation, QuickPalette for Planning and Execution, Dashboard reporting and more. The two final plans are the Professional and Enterprise plans; reach out to QuickPivot for more details.

We have only just scratched the surface with what a CDP can do. A tool that can unify all customer data in one platform — can you imagine the possibilities that it will continue to unlock? Not only can a CDP create a customized journey for each of your buyers, but all this data at your fingertips will also help your organization make real-time business decisions.

As a member of a marketing team, your mission is to connect with your customers. With new technology and social media, that becomes increasingly difficult. However, a customer data platform can get you a little closer to connecting with each individual member of your audience.

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