Protecting Employee Data with IT Security Software

Data security has been an ever-present topic of conversation among human resource professionals for more than a decade; it remains relevant due to attacks occurring in 2016 that compromised employee information at organizations such as Snapchat, UC Berkeley and the U.S. Department of Justice. HR and IT professionals understand that in order to prevent similar issues from occurring at their own organizations, a proper mixture of security tools and standards need to be put in place.

At many organizations, employee data is housed in centralized core HR systems, which are designed to act as databases for all workforce information including names, social security numbers, addresses and wage information. To prevent data security breaches, many organizations use IT security software to supplement the built-in security standards present in core HR systems.

Many G2 Crowd users use core HR software in addition to an IT security product to protect employee data. The four most popular data security, backup, endpoint protection, and firewall products for HR data protection are displayed below.

Note: These products are organized according to user software stack information collected by October 4, 2016.

Data Security

Data security software helps businesses protect customer and workforce information by encrypting internal data and directories. HR departments can use data security products to encrypt employee information, increasing its level of protection.

Here are the four most widely used data security products among HR professionals on G2 Crowd.

Microsoft BitLocker

21 current users

Symantec Encryption

9 current users


8 current users


Backup software allows users to copy data from various devices and restore the data to its previous state in case of user error or loss of data. Backup software can also be used by HR departments to maintain copies of employee data in case of data theft.

Here are the four most widely used backup products among HR professionals on G2 Crowd.

Microsoft System Center

16 current users


13 current users

Code42 CrashPlan

12 current users

Veritas NetBackup

11 current users

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint protection software protects end-users, who are accessing a company’s network, from malicious software. Endpoint protection can help HR departments protect company networks when employees access them remotely.

Here are the four most widely used endpoint protection products among HR professionals on G2 Crowd.


26 current users


20 current users


Firewall products enable users to protect local networks and devices. HR departments can rely on firewalls to send alerts when threats are detected and secure employee information stored locally.

Here are the four most widely used firewall products among HR professionals on G2 Crowd.

Cisco Firewall

15 current users

HP Firewall

15 current users

Barracuda Firewall

13 current users

SonicWall (Dell)

10 current users

Core HR systems provide a standard level of built-in data security, but they still are at the risk of attack. By supplementing the built-in data security in core HR systems with IT security products, you can reduce your organization’s vulnerability to data breach and better secure employee data.