5 Open-Source Data Visualization Tools

Data is everywhere.

It is in the news we read, the business we do and the errands we run. Yet, creating, managing and presenting data figures for any purpose can be tricky. To those in charge of large datasets, open-source data visualization software exists to aid in presenting data.

These programs assist in helping create charts, graphs or other ways for data to be presented. Open-source data visualization software can easily be collaborated by a team or successfully accomplished by one person.

One of the great reasons to utilize open-source data visualization is the flexibility one has when creating a visualization. Depending on how a company wants to present the data to a consumer or user, various open-source data visualization tools cater to the needs and appearances a company wants for their data. Along with looking the way a company desires, these programs often integrate well with the specific data being visualized. Whether the data is sales numbers or performance numbers, the software can easily keep track and update with the ever-changing data.

However, these programs are primarily visualization tools. They offer a chance to take spreadsheets of numbers and create easy-to-read charts and graphs. If you are looking for a more complex approach with data, open-source data visualization tools will not help. They are not a go-to for transforming or ‘blending’ data.

Choosing an open-source data visualization platform

There are a great deal of open-source data visualizations tools anyone can choose from. To help get started, here a few products that excel at providing data visualization help. These five tools are a few of the best customizable and free big data visualization tools to fit your needs.

Google Chart Tools

4.1 out of 5 stars – 164 reviews
This program provides the basic ability to create charts and graphs. It provides a wide range of different gallery of charts, graphs or maps. Google Chart Tools allows for the user to be in charge with easy customization. The program also allows for easy integration on websites around the internet.

The biggest positive of Google Chart Tools is the ease of use for the program. Instructions are clear and can be managed by newcomers and pros alike.

“The guide that it has makes it very easy to use providing data displayed in real time basis. One does not need to be very skilled or expert to use this product. It is as simple as taking a glass of water,” Google Chart Tools user Carol F. said in a review.


4.3 out of 5 stars – 55 reviews
This program allows for users to create dashboards for any sort metric valued by a business. With Grow, one can easily integrate their own spreadsheets and data into the program to create different ways to visualize the data. No matter the volume of data, Grow promises that the process is quick and painless.

No matter how many set of data one may have, Grow allows for all the data to be organized and easily viewed. “Grow makes it easy to put together information from every part of the business onto one page,” Brent P., a Grow user, said.


4.5 out of 5 stars – 37 reviews
No matter where the data is coming from, it must be visually appealing. That is what iDashboard promises. It offers an easy-to-use and easily integrated program that is importantly visually appealing. No matter the field of business, iDashboard can quickly create different visualizations of data—which it claims will lead to “enhanced decision-making capabilities”.

The quickness of iDashboards is a key to many who use the program. Data visualizations can be easily learned and created in a short amount of time.

“iDashboards is an easy pick up and use tool for anyone with computer experience,” Robert W., an iDashboards user, said.


4.2 out of 5 stars – 19 reviews
This program promises a friendly user interface while one creates data visualizations. Highcharts is written in “pure Javascript” and offers for the creation of “intuitive” and “interactive” charts. Because Highcharts is written in Javascript, the program allows for a pleasing and compatibleness with most any browser.
Highcharts is, “an excellent choice when you need to include charting capabilities on your site,” Crain N., a Highcharts user, said.


4.5 out of 5 stars – 19 reviews
This program allows for a plethora of different data figures to be easily and effectively transformed into an easy-to-follow visualization. InetSoft provides flexible and easily integrated dashboards, “solving” data management challenges. The program is suited for quick “deployment.” It wants any level of business to quickly and intelligently get their data organized and out for consumption.

Even if a user may have a problem figuring out what to do in InetSoft, the program delivers a solution.

“The training videos combined with the already easy to use interface made getting up and running on the platform a breeze,” Robert C., a InetSoft user, said.

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