Why Information About Your Data is Important

Data about data. It sounds redundant and slightly overkill, but it’s much more useful and important than you can imagine. Summarizing the basic information about your data, including the author, date and style, can make finding a specific piece of it much easier. This important information—or data about data—s called metadata.

Not only do you want to have metadata when you have data, but you also want any data you have to be easily found by employees, especially when there’s lots of it. Not easily done, unless you employ an enterprise search software.

Enterprise search software retrieves stored business data within an organization, cleaning and structuring data, making it easier to find. It does for your business what Google does for general search.

But what do metadata and enterprise search software have to do with one another?

Metadata Gives You an Organized Database

Your employees are likely to use high-quality search engines such as Google on a daily basis. Thus, they will automatically expect the same reliability from your enterprise search tool. Unfortunately, an enterprise search software will not be nearly as intelligent and sophisticated as Google if you don’t have any structure to your data. Metadata, however, provides that structure. Metadata makes your library of data organized and effectively catalogued, giving your enterprise search software a great starting spot for search.

Metadata Improves Searchability

For an enterprise search software to work effectively, you need to have high-quality metadata. The more information about your data that you can provide and the more accurate it is, the better search results your employees will get. Metadata provides the context enterprise search needs to accurately search, so the results will be better. Although enterprise search software is not as capable as a tool like Google when reading a document for searchability, metadata will allow your employees to more effectively find the documents they are looking for.

Metadata Makes Enterprise Search More User-Friendly

The more metadata you can provide, the more people using your enterprise search software will thank you. Enterprise search software utilizes a searchable index for users to find data. You don’t know what piece of information a user is going to remember about the data when searching for it, however. They may remember the date of publishing, the author or a more obscure piece of information. To make your enterprise search as user-friendly as possible, input as much information as you can think of to account for every user.

Many people know the difficulty in trying to find one specific piece of data when your company has hoards of data in all sorts of different places. Enterprise search software has made it so you can easily find one piece of data, and you can complete the search for it from one tool. But the accurateness and effectiveness does rely on the quality of metadata provided.

So, don’t overlook the power of the data about data.

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