A Digital Asset Manager’s Stack

Digital assets are living pieces of company collateral, and a digital asset management system is the middleman between creatives and marketers, developers, and management as well as between a company and the public. We’ve written before on how DAM is like the stomach of the marketing body, because it consumes a variety files and data and in return provides needed sustenance to potential marketing campaigns. So, what kinds of software fill in the rest of a company’s DAM ecosystem? And, while we’re at it, which DAM systems are most popular?

Digital asset managers work in highly collaborative environments

Business professionals use G2 Crowd to share reviews and insights about the software they use every day. This post is our first installment in a series of DAM-related data analyses. In preparation for our upcoming Spring 2016 Digital Asset Management Gridsm Report, we’ve collected hundreds of surveys on specific DAM products. These same users have further reported which products fill in the rest of their software “stack”: the software products they need to do their job. More than 650 users wrote reviews on DAM software and shared their stack of over 417 unique products.

Software use by digital asset managers
Category Type of Software Number of Respondents
Collaboration 59 total
Project Management 21
Social Collaboration 19
Web Conferencing 10
VoIP 9
Marketing 57 total
Web Content Management 17
Social Media Management 10
Digital Analytics 9
Marketing Automation 8
Email Marketing 7
e-Commerce Platforms 6
Conversion Rate Optimization 5
Organic Search Marketing 5
Content Marketing 4
Creative 56 total
Design 39
Video Production 10
Document Creation 7
Content Management 42 total
File Storage and Sharing 28
Enterprise Content Management 9
Document Management 5
 Core Business Applications 20 total
CRM 11
Professional Service Automation 4
Accounting 4
Business Intelligence 4


DAM users are plugged into collaborative and project-based work. 21 respondents use project management tools to coordinate their work efforts, and 19 use social collaboration tools to chat and discuss business matters. And when a call is in order, 19 users said web conferencing or voice-over-IP software helps them communicate.

That collaborative environment is often the marketing department. DAM users specified 9 marketing technologies they used in their day-to-day workflows. They use digital assets in their web content, e-commerce sites, social media campaigns, and email newsletters.

Digital asset managers are not isolated, however, from their larger business context. 11 respondents said they use CRM (though this may be for marketing purposes). Financial systems like accounting and PSA software were listed by 8 users, and business intelligence software was included as well among business solutions used.

Unsurprisingly, many DAM users are also the ones creating the assets with design, video production, and document creation software. And, beyond media assets, users are entangled in a larger network of content sharing and preservation outside of DAM with file storage and sharing, document management, web content management, and enterprise content management software.

Tell us which products you use.

Popular DAM Systems

Of course, the center of the digital asset stack is the DAM system. Based on user reviews and stack responses, the most popular DAM products are listed below.

Most common digital asset management systemS
Product Number of Respondents
Widen Media Collective 101
WebDAM 75
Cumulus by Canto 51
IntelligenceBank DAM 50
Daminion 47
Libris 34
Brandfolder 33
Smartimage 28
Bynder 22
Asset Bank 17
WoodWing Elvis DAM 16
Flight by Canto 15
MediaBin 15
MerlinOne 15
censhare AG 14
Xinet 14
Extensis Portfolio 13
ResourceSpace 13
assetSERV 11
MediaValet 9
MediaBeacon R3volution 7
ProofHQ 7
globaledit 5


Keep an eye out for the soon-to-be-published Spring 2016 Digital Asset Management Gridsm Report (a full breakdown of our DAM market and customer satisfaction data) as well as future posts in our upcoming DAM series:

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