DAM Software Users Find Integrations Lacking

G2 Crowd recently released the Winter 2017 Grid℠ for Digital Asset Management software (DAM), wherein software vendors can utilize data calculated through user experience details to gain a comprehensive view of their current standing in the DAM market. Complete access to key findings in this report is available for purchase here.

A few points of intrigue from the data are the decrease or stagnancy in overall satisfaction scores since the Spring 2016 Grid℠ Report. Coinciding with this finding, integrations with creative software are the lowest-rated feature in this new report, scoring 82 percent average satisfaction. Low ratings for this metric seem counterintuitive for products that are used, in large part, to organize and distribute creative assets. A look at reviews gives us more insight into the specific ways users view their products’ integration capabilities.

Reviews for Cumulus by Canto mention the software lacked integration with Adobe products, but also noted that a newer version, 9.1, would feature these capabilities. This product has already been listening to user feedback. In fact, a blog post by Canto states that Adobe integration was one of the main points of focus in the evolution of the software.  

Flight by Canto’s website provides a list of the product’s many integrations. MailChimp, InDesign, Google Drive and WordPress are just a few. A reviewer for Flight by Canto was dissatisfied with the product’s integration with Photoshop and other photography software. Of the 12 integrations listed, none deal directly with photo storage and editing. Although this product provides ample resources for document storage and social media integration, it is missing the photographer demographic.  

Widen Collective also boasts many integrations on its website. One G2 user wrote that they use this product to connect to InDesign, but would like the ability to batch download attached documents and delete old versions. This product also integrates with CMS and file storage solutions, allowing users to sync up their content management and digital management priorities.

One reviewer of Percolate wrote that their paid media integration is challenging, and they prefer to work directly through social media platforms. Libris integrates with Photo Mechanic. WireDrive integrates with Premiere Pro.

As research into specific products and various user experiences illustrates, the G2 satisfaction ratings for DAM products’ integrations with creative software are not low for lack of trying. On the contrary, it appears many of the products reviewed cite integrations with creative software as one of their main selling points.

The dissatisfaction appears to be on a case-by-case basis. Digital asset management software users require solutions for a variety of purposes, and vendors have to be careful which software they decide necessitates the efforts required to integrate.

One solution would be gathering constant feedback that could inform vendors the magnitude of users who wish to see their product of choice serve them differently.  Open communication between user and product might decrease the level of dissatisfied individuals. Loyalty increases when voices are heard.

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