Digital Asset Management Software: The Benefits

Digital Asset Management software allows users to organize digital assets (image, video, media files, etc.) into a library that they can easily sort through to locate and share those assets between users. Organization is one of the key reasons users implement DAM systems; another is the ability for DAM solutions to be integrated and implemented into a user’s larger ecosystem of digital tools.

Leadership Found
The Spring 2016 DAM report is the first in which any product is ranked highly enough to be considered a Leader. Widen Media Collective and WebDAM pushed past the Market Presence line to claim the first DAM Leader titles.  Widen’s and WebDAM’s increases in Market Presence and Satisfaction since the Spring 2015 report led both products to move from the High Performer to the Leader quadrant.

In review ratings and short-answer responses, users liked Widen’s customer service and support, which reviewers overwhelmingly described as helpful, responsive, and prompt. Widen received the highest cumulative satisfaction score out of all listed DAM products. Many reviewers described feature requests and particular configurations as dutifully fulfilled by WebDAM support staff. Overall, users found WebDAM solved their needs for brand and asset management as well as met their internal security and IT specifications.

Search is King
“Search” dominated reviewers’ thoughts on DAM products. It was mentioned throughout reviews almost 300 times; specifically, 100 times in “likes” and 50 times in “dislikes”. This makes sense because DAM software makes possible an easily accessible data collective; the search function plays a large role in the usefulness of DAM software. That the word “search” was used in conjunction with “like” 100 times bodes well for the effectiveness of DAM software.

Nailing Down Worth
The average ROI (Return on Investment) for a DAM system is 10 months. Overall, users’ average payback period was less than the average contract term. Because many reviewers mentioned that the variety of DAM software especially helps out small businesses, the fact that users were able to see a return on investment within the initially set-up contract is significant.


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