Is Google’s Customer Support an Issue?

We all know Google. The majority of us use it every day to help us with our jobs, discover fun facts and even win arguments with our friends. And from its humble search engine beginnings, Google has spawned new products ranging from digital analytics software to educational software.

Google has 67 products listed on G2 Crowd. Of those 67 products, Google Drive, Google Analytics and Gmail have the highest number of reviews.

So, as we’re inclined to do on occasion, a couple coworkers and I decided to take a closer look at these three products, wondering if there were any interesting anomalies buried within the heaps of review data. Now, it’s important to note that we didn’t just do this for general curiosity — we did it because we use these products every day, and wanted a greater understanding of how users feel about these three in particular.

Satisfied? Yes. Supported? Not So Much.

While we found G2 Crowd Satisfaction scores for Google Drive, Google Analytics and Gmail relatively high across the board, the one rating that was consistently lower was quality of support. When we dug deeper, we discovered that not only is it consistently lower, but it’s been that way for a while.

Google Drive

G2 Crowd review data over time, as of August 29, 2017.

Quality of support for Google Drive, the most-reviewed Google product on G2 Crowd with over 1,600 reviews, has consistently been the lowest-rated feature among our simple six satisfaction questions for the product. These ratings, other than quality of support, include ease of use, meets requirements, ease of admin, ease of setup and ease of doing business with.

Google Drive’s worst quality of support rating average was a 5 (out of 7) in August 2012, and although it still remains the lowest rating five years later, it has risen up to a 6.09 in August 2017.

Google Analytics

G2 Crowd review data over time, as of August 29, 2017.

Google Analytics, the second most-reviewed Google product on G2 Crowd with nearly 1,200 reviews, also has had traditionally low quality of support scores.

The worst quality of support rating average Google Analytics had was a 4.73 (out of 7) in November 2015, but boasted a 6.09 rating in August 2017. However, going all the way back to November 2012, Google Analytics received its highest quality of support rating, based on the available data, at 6.13.


G2 Crowd review data over time, as of August 29, 2017.

Gmail, the third most-reviewed Google product on G2 Crowd with nearly 800 reviews,  not surprisingly has had comparatively low quality of support scores as well.

The worst average quality of support rating Gmail had was a 5.14 (out of 7) in September 2012, and its highest mark is a rating of 6 in August 2017.

Why Does Google Have Support Issues? What Does This Mean For Users?

Now it is time to speculate. It’s possible that these three Google products have had lower quality of support scores due to a variety of factors. The most obvious one to us was the fact that it was simply difficult to find Google’s customer support phone number. A quick search (a Google search to be exact) brought back an interesting smattering of results, none yielding a clear support number. While there are certainly other variables to consider, such as company size and role of users reviewing, it is still an interesting starting point.

We also discussed the level of importance an enterprise company like Google places on quality of support — the data highlighted certainly supports the theory that it’s not high on the priority list. This is also supported by the fact that although quality of support for Google Drive, Google Analytics and Gmail is the lowest satisfaction rating for each product, it is either average or above average in all products’ respective categories (document creation, digital analytics and email). One could infer that since all of these products are at least on par with the category average for quality of support, Google’s motivation to improve support is lacking. Again, there could be many reasons why, but it is possible that Google assumes making its products easy to use mitigates the need for a quality support team.

Regardless of the reason, there are certainly specific issues that could arise from poor product support for Google Analytics, Google Drive and Gmail. If you’re using Analytics and have a support problem, chances are your needs aren’t incredibly urgent (unless you need to develop a new SEO strategy, like, today). Same goes for Drive, as documents you are working on can probably be tinkered offline.

The biggest issue we identified was with Gmail — with all the hacking concerns going around, and with hacking becoming more prevalent in general, a quality support team is actually rather important. If a company’s email account gets hacked and starts leaking sensitive information, and there is no easy way to contact support, it could lead to more data and information lost.

This data doesn’t necessarily mean that Google has catastrophic issues with support, but quality of support for Google Analytics, Google Drive and Gmail have been consistently rated lower by reviewers on G2 Crowd over the past five years (compared to our other satisfaction questions). If anything else, it is something for both vendors like Google and buyers to consider.

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