The First Step to Creating Your Website: Register Your Domain

A good website is essential to the success of almost any modern business. The first step in creating a website that can represent the brand online is to choose a snappy domain name.

Next, business owners should register the domain name with a domain registration provider like Google Domains or GoDaddy. These organizations maintain directories of domain names that have already been registered, allowing businesses to choose a suitable name from the options currently available.

How to Choose a Domain Name

A good domain name is one that has an obvious link to the company it represents. Many businesses use the name of their company as the domain name; others create a domain name that combines the company name with its location or includes one or more keywords related to the business.

Getting the domain name right is essential because it influences the way people relate to the brand and also helps them find the business online.

How to Register a Domain Name

After creating a suitable domain name, the business owner needs to register it with a domain registrar. The first step in this process is to search the domain registry to check that the domain name is available. The best domain registration software provides suggestions of similar names if the first choice isn’t available.

After finding a suitable domain name that is currently available, the business owner will fill out a form with the business’s contact information and pay for the name using a credit or debit card.

How to Register Multiple Domain Names

Some businesses may want to register multiple domain names. For example, global businesses may want to register their domain name with .com, .ca,, .eu and other country codes, so their site can be easily accessed by customers anywhere in the world.

Some businesses also register common misspellings of their domain names, so they can redirect customers who make typing errors in the address bar.

The best domain registration software gives the option to register multiple domain names at once. Some registration services even offer a discount for customers who purchase multiple domains in a single transaction.

Understanding the Options When Registering Domain Names

When a business registers a domain name, that company reserves the right to use the name for a fixed period of time. Most domain registration providers allow businesses to register domain names for one year; however, in some cases much longer registration periods are available. This extended period can be useful for business owners who know they want to use that domain name for many years.

When the registration expires, owners must remember to re-register the domain name. Otherwise, another company could take the name and use it for their own website.

How to Choose a Domain Registration Provider

When choosing a domain registration provider, owners should go with a company that has a large share of the market. Business owners should read reviews of the various domain registration providers to find one that is able to offer good service; they should look for a proven track record of good customer support, secure payment options and high user satisfaction ratings.

Problems with domain name registration could take a business website offline, leading to a loss of earnings and reputation damage. The best domain registration provider will work hard to keep the business’s website visible, which lets the business focus on drawing in repeat customers.