The Grocery Store of E-Commerce Tools: Order Management & Fulfillment


Sourcing the best ingredients can be overwhelming. Not sure where to start? Here’s what you need on your e-commerce shopping list:

The Butcher: Order Management

grocery-butcherWork your way around the corner to get to the heart of your meals. At the butcher shop, pork chops, burgers and roasting chickens await. Protein fills you up and keeps you satisfied, making it a shopping cart staple. To satisfy your shoppers, put some meat on the bones of your e-commerce tech stack with order management software. Order and invoice management tools make it simple for your company to deliver the right products at the right time and manage billing processes. Subscription management software is another prime cut to make room for in your cart, storing payment data and processing recurring charges so you can manage customer subscriptions with ease.

Dry Goods: Fulfillment

grocery-drygoodsIt’s time to bulk up your cart and collect your dry goods. Weave up and down the aisles as you buy everyday staples like beans, canned tomatoes and pasta. These unsung heroes of the grocery store may not have the glamour of a dry-aged steak, but you can always find them waiting in the pantry when you need to get dinner on the table. Fulfillment tools provide similar support to your e-commerce site, working quietly behind the scenes to keep sales and revenues strong. Multichannel retail software improves communication between all your sites, from online to brick-and-mortar locations, while distribution tools simplify carrier management and shipping tasks, such as creating labels. Quality management software acts like baking soda and vinegar, cleaning up error sources in your code and improving data consistency.

Stay tuned this week as we continue to share how to create your e-commerce shopping list. This cart is getting heavy!