The Grocery Store of E-Commerce Tools: Returns Management & Customer Service


Sourcing the best ingredients can be overwhelming. Not sure where to start? Here’s what you need on your e-commerce shopping list:

Frozen Items: Returns Management

e-commerce-grocery-frozenfoodsDid this aisle suddenly get cold? Don’t forget to pick up coveted items like ice cream, pizza and waffles in the freezer section. You might not need them today, but when you’re craving a snack during movie night, you’ll be glad you stocked up on these frozen goodies. Returns management software helps you manage the items your customers decide they don’t need right now, but are sure to be snapped up in the near future. Investing in the right technology will make the returns process a (very cold) breeze. Inventory management and order management tools enable you to understand and eliminate inefficiencies as products move from one location to another, as well as to keep tabs on inventory levels. That way, you won’t open the freezer door to find someone’s finished the carton of rocky road.

The Floral Department: Customer Service

e-commerce-grocery-floralTo complete your journey through the grocery store, stop by the floral department. Stocked with gorgeous flower arrangements, lush green houseplants and shiny helium balloons, it’s the cherry on top of your weekly shopping trip. Tonight’s lasagna will taste so much better with a beautiful bunch of daisies sitting on the dining table. To give the shopping experience on your site the same extra-special touch, find the right e-commerce customer service tools. Live chat tools allow you to answer customer questions in real time, while help desk and contact center software put additional information and support at your customers’ fingertips. Enterprise feedback management software empowers your shoppers to weigh in on products, customer service and more, turning that feedback into performance data that you can use to drive better business decisions.

Just as you need ingredients from each section of the grocery store to whip up the perfect recipe, it takes a range of tools working together to create a top-notch e-commerce experience. Researching product reviews can help you find the software that fits your company’s needs best.