What E-Signature Products Integrate with Document Creation Software

Some types of software that are so intrinsic to daily business operations that without them many companies would not be able to operate. Two such categories of software are document creation and e-signature. Document creation software is used for drafting everything from standard work memos to sales proposals and contracts. E-signature software allows businesses to apply legally-compliant digital signatures to transaction documents, facilitating sales, human resource and legal processes.

These two types of software are so aligned and ingrained with standard business operations that many users seek out ways to integrate them with each other. By integrating them, companies can streamline the creation of transactional documents with e-signature fields. In many cases this allows users to draft and distribute signable documents from within a single platform. This is made possible with open application programming interfaces (APIs) or pre-built integrations with technology partners offered by e-signature solutions.

These are some e-signature products and the integrations they offer for various document creation tools.

Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign, an Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE) offering, is an e-signature solution designed to support enterprise workflows. Numerous integrations with third-party applications are available through Adobe’s Document Cloud partnerships. Adobe Sign helps users securely store, track and manage documents across a variety of devices, and facilitates sales processes while reducing the need for paper-based signatures.

  • Microsoft WordAvailable through Adobe Sign’s integration with Microsoft Office 365, this integration enables Adobe Sign users to distribute signable documents directly from within Word.
  • Google Docs Part of G Suite (formerly Google Drive), this integration allows Adobe Sign users to send, sign, track and file documents inside G Suite.


DocuSign provides e-signature and transaction management capabilities designed to help users send, sign, track, and store documents. DocuSign helps companies securely collect information and payments, automate workflows, and remotely sign documents. Docusign offers a series of pre-built integrations with its business partners.

  • Microsoft Word – Part of DocuSign for Microsoft, DocuSign for Word enables users to sign or request signatures on any document created or edited in Word 2013.
  • Google Docs –  DocuSign for Google Drive allows DocuSign users to sign and send documents created within Google Docs.


eSignLive, part of VASCO Data Security (NASDAQ: VDSI), provides an e-signature SaaS platform that can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises. eSignLive provides robust security features and is designed for use across a variety of organizations across industries such as financial management, healthcare and pharmaceuticals. eSignLive offers a variety of integrations with third-party partner applications.

  • Microsoft SharePointeSignLive offers a pre-built integration with Microsoft Sharepoint, a business content management tool. This integration can be used to streamline the creation and storage of signable documents across Microsoft Word and Sharepoint.
  • Box – eSignLive offers an integration with Box, a popular file, sync and share tool. The pre-integrated solution makes it easy to securely access, collaborate and manage documents that require signature.


HelloSign helps users send, receive and manage legally binding digital signatures. HelloSign helps individuals and teams quickly and securely complete paperwork online through customizable workflows. HelloSign integrates with a variety of third-party applications, offering a REST-based API that can be used to distribute signable documents.

  • Microsoft Word – HelloSign allows users to create transaction documents using Microsoft Word and then upload them into HelloSign.
  • Google Docs –  HelloSign offers a pre-built integration with Google Docs that allows users add signatures Docs or add fields for others to fill out and sign entirely from within Google Docs.


PandaDoc offers an all-in-one software solution that helps users create, deliver and manage their teams’ quotes, proposals, contracts or other documents. PandaDoc provides a document builder with configure-price-quote (CPQ) capabilities. PandaDoc also offers document analytics and an interactive deal room in addition to their electronic signature features.

  • Microsoft Word – PandaDoc’s integration with Microsoft Word allows users of both tools to easily upload and track documents for e-signature. Users can create reusable e-signature templates for future use.


RightSignature, an e-signature solution offered by Citrix (NASDAQ: CTXS), allows users to easily request and collect digital signatures. RightSignature allows users to personalize their electronic signature on both desktop and mobile devices. RightSignature integrates with a variety of third-party applications through a series of pre-built integrations.

  • Google Docs –  Through RightSignature’s integration with G Suite, users can send Google Docs for e-signature from inside RightSignature. Signed copies are subsequently saved within the user’s G Suite.


SignEasy offers an e-signature solution that enables users to electronically sign and distribute documents across a variety of devices. SignEasy is designed for a variety of industries such as real estate, legal, accounting, sales, insurance, human resources, logistics and healthcare. SignEasy helps companies reduce business turnaround times, streamline the sales process, and reduce costs.

  • Google Docs –  SignEasy offers a pre-built integration with G Suite through which users can access, edit, and distribute Docs for electronic signature.


SignNow, a product from Barracuda Networks (NYSE: CUDA), offers a secure e-signature platform used by organizations around the world to electronically sign, send and manage documents on any device. SignNow offers a variety of features designed for enterprise companies. SignNow helps customers reduce document turnaround time and streamline internal processes. SignNow offers a series of pre-built integrations with third-party partner applications.

  • Microsoft Word – SignNow’s integration with Microsoft Word allows users to capture and sign documents directly in Word and store documents within SignNow.

Integrating your e-signature product with a document creation product can simplify the drafting, tracking and storage of signable documents, and allow you to easily distribute documents for signature. If you use one of these products, submit a review.