Make All Your Sales Reps Closers with E-signature Software

As a leader in e-signature softwareAdobe shares the top three things to consider when choosing an e-signature solution for sales.

Time is of the essence when it comes to closing deals.

In a world that’s come to expect conveniences with a few simple clicks, it’s no surprise that e-signatures are every closer’s not-so-secret weapon. While e-signatures tend to sell themselves, the challenge is finding a solution that empowers your sales reps. To help, here are three key things to consider when selecting an e-signature solution for your team.

1.   Consider your resources

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If you have IT staff with time on their hands, you’re lucky. If not, find a solution that easily integrates into your existing systems and can be customized quickly without involving IT. Look for something you can get up and running in a matter of minutes without the need to code. Be sure it includes simple point-and-click customizations so you can place your branding right where you want it on all your documents.

2.  Easy to use. Easy to close.

Learning takes time, time your reps should be using to close deals. When evaluating an e-signature solution, make sure it comes with a flat learning curve. Nothing new for your reps to master. No need to switch between screens. Just a quick, intuitive way to send sales orders for signatures from inside the systems they use every day.

Give your sales reps more time to sell by choosing a system that easily integrates with your data. A good tool can pull data from customer records and push new data when signed agreements are returned. There’s no need for anyone on your team to waste time entering data into contracts.

Make sure your e-signature solution is just as easy for your customers as it is for your representatives. A good system will let customers receive and view documents on any device — and then sign and return them from anywhere. It shouldn’t require any special software to seal the deal.

3.  Play it safe with e-signatures.

From global regulations to digital security, choose a system that protects you and your customers. A trusted e-signature solution reduces your company’s exposure to risk. It needs to make documents tamper proof and ensure contract integrity with a digital seal. It should automatically keep a complete audit trail and comply with industry-leading security standards that include PCI DSS 3.0, HIPAA, SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001.

If you conduct business globally, make sure you choose something that complies with data sovereignty requirements including the advanced signing requirements in the EU. It should not only support electronic signatures but digital signatures that require signers to have certificate-based IDs.

Less time. More closers.

Create a sales team of closers that crush their goals every month. Provide your sales team with the best e-sign solution—one you can get up and running in minutes, that’s easy for both your sales team and your customers to use, and will keep you compliant within your industry and around the world.