Campaign Monitor Acquires Tagga to Enable Customer Data-Driven Email Marketing

Email marketing software provider Campaign Monitor has announced it has acquired Tagga, a customer data platform geared toward marketers. This acquisition will enable Campaign Monitor to pivot into the realm of customer relationship management by incorporating customer data from multiple channels directly into the email marketing process. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

By combining Tagga’s customer data collection features with Campaign Monitor’s email marketing features, the company will be able to provide its users access to their subscribers’ behavioral data, which in turn can fuel hyper-personalized marketing experiences.

Alex Bard, Campaign Monitor CEO, addressed the power of data in the company’s press release about the acquisition.

“Data is the fuel of the future. It’s growing faster than ever before and marketers need to continually capture that behavioral data, extract insights and take action,” Bard said. “With Tagga, Campaign Monitor will be the marketer’s behavioral data-driven CRM, powering more effective ways for marketers to engage with customers.”

Personalization is one of the biggest benefits of collecting large amounts of data about customers and their interactions with a company’s content. Gaining insight about customers’ behaviors and needs enables marketers to target campaigns to recipients at the right time with the right messaging, converting them at a higher rate than they would with more generalized messaging.

B2C marketers need to rely on segmented data to create these customized audience experiences and maximize engagement. While many email marketing tools only report on audiences’ interactions with emails specifically, such as open and click rates, Tagga will help to create a more holistic view of the customer’s interactions with a company by providing data from a variety of channels including social networks, e-commerce sites and companies’ websites. The more data a company is empowered with, the better it can drill down into custom messaging.

What the Deal Means for Campaign Monitor’s Customers

G2 Crowd reviewers have largely been satisfied with Campaign Monitor, with 93 percent saying they believe the product is headed in the right direction. The product has 131 reviews as of March 15, 2017, 68 percent of which come from small-business users.*

This small-business demographic has unique opportunities to benefit from this acquisition. According to a report from Campaigner, earning and retaining subscribers are some of the top concerns of email marketers. Blanket, unsegmented emails make it difficult to keep audiences engaged—more and more, customers are coming to expect personalized experiences that tap into their needs, problems or interests.

“Data is the fuel of the future. It’s growing faster than ever before and marketers need to continually capture that behavioral data, extract insights and take action.”Campaign Monitor CEO Alex Bard

Small businesses often struggle with list targeting and segmentation, however, because they don’t have a singular view of all of the data that indicates what is important to their individual customers or prospects. Integrating customer data directly into their email marketing tool can create greater visibility into data and more straightforward opportunities for targeting. This can then save small-business marketers time and resources, which are often tight to begin with. If small businesses can reach their customer or prospect bases in targeted ways, they can make a larger impact with the same (or potentially less) effort than sending a one-size-fits-all email out to their entire subscriber lists.

This is Campaign Monitor’s second acquisition: The company acquired, a survey software, in 2014 for an undisclosed amount.

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