Free Newsletter Templates for Email Marketers

Email marketing has become much more sophisticated than having a single employee send a generic email blast or newsletter to a random list of people. Advances in email marketing software and marketing automation have allowed marketers to create engaging, personalized emails that can be micro-targeted toward the people you actually want to reach.

That being said, running a successful email marketing campaign and creating a quality newsletter take talent.

Writing snappy headlines, creating an appealing, on-brand visuals, and engaging your audience with quality content are just a few things marketers have to consider when putting together a newsletter.

Read our 10 Tips for Creating Successful Email Newsletters to learn more!

Even with a talented marketing team, crafting a quality newsletter takes time — small businesses know this is perhaps their most precious resource.

If you don’t have time or money to build a custom email template from scratch, never fear, we’ve got you covered! Our research team has put together a list of some of the best FREE newsletter templates and email marketing resources.

Free Newsletter Templates

Here are the best free newsletter templates and resources we love:

  1. Litmus
  2. Zurb
  3. 99designs
  4. Email on Acid
  5. Themezy

1. Litmus

Litmus is an excellent resource for free newsletter templates and those looking to get started on their very own email newsletter. It offers three different types of newsletter — marketing, e-commerce and launch — that help point you in the right direction off the bat.

Another great feature is that all templates on Litmus have been tested for different operating systems and email providers, as well as checked for mobile compatibility. This allows you to feel confident your email will actually work when you’re customizing one of these templates to suit your own needs.

Litmus Email Marketing Templates

Image credit: Litmus

Overall, this collection of newsletter templates will give you a great foundation for your newsletter. Email marketing tools like Robly and Constant Contact can help from there, allowing for a solid marketing campaign to be rolled out.

In order to access the templates, you are required to create a Litmus account with your email address. The templates themselves are all completely free once you’re in, allowing you to browse at will.

2. Zurb

ZURB offers five free email and newsletter templates — Basic, Hero, Sidebar, Sidebar Hero and Newsletter — that are responsive. Essentially, this means all templates in its collection are built to be viewed on multiple types of devices.

The responsive element of these templates is a great feature when creating a newsletter, mainly because you don’t have to worry about the formatting getting wonky. As ZURB points out, people are checking emails on their phone more and more. ZURB’s response to this was to make its templates, well, responsive. This feature helps ensure newsletters and campaigns look good on any device.

The site itself is very easy to use, allowing you to customize with your own company’s colors, custom images and content. Also, if you’re curious about how each template will look when opened on different email providers, it offers screenshots to show you exactly what your audience will see.

ZURB Email Marketing Templates

Image credit: ZURB

Another nice aspect of this site is the fact that it offers you a specific list of email providers the templates are compatible with. Luckily, its layouts are optimized for most types of email, with the exception of Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013.

ZURB also provides you with a great guide for getting started with their templates. For those less familiar with HTML and CSS, it offers a separate CSS stylesheet and HTML file to make the editing process easier. It mentions that most clients put the CSS inline with the HTML after both are uploaded separately, helping give you an understanding of how most people go about utilizing the free templates.

It is also emphasized the need for an email marketing tool when putting your newsletter into action. It calls out Campaign Monitor and MailChimp as options that will format your email based on the HTML and CSS you provide, ensuring your newsletter will look exactly how you want it.

3. 99designs

99designs has a simple layout that provides helpful advice to those looking to create a stunning email newsletter template to use over and over. It offers three types of email templates — email newsletter, promotional email and personal notification email — that are all available for free download and are responsive. It even gives you a step-by-step guide starting at the download phase and ending in a finished product that can be distributed .

The site itself is not only a great resource for free email newsletter templates, but it is a great place for small businesses and designers to come together. 99designs has a great collection of design work, as well as some quality, informative blog posts.

Its free email template offering includes a collection of 45 examples. All you have to do is type in your email address, and you’re ready to rock!

99designs Email Marketing Templates

Image credit: 99designs

4. Email on Acid

Email on Acid only offers one free newsletter template, but sometimes having fewer options is actually better, especially for beginners. The design, which you can see below, is basic but stylish, and is also responsive to mobile devices and tablets.

Email on Acid Email Marketing Templates

Image credit: Email on Acid

When developing this template, Email on Acid says its first order of business was to research and figure out the most common dimensions that are used in the most popular devices. This is how it determined the dimensions for its three layouts, which all have a strong focus on readability.

Overall, though Email on Acid only provides one design with three different formatting options, this is a good resource for those looking for a solid newsletter foundation.

5. Themezy

Themezy offers you 16 customizable email and newsletter templates in total, but there is plenty of diversity amongst the designs available on the site. There are various color schemes and layouts to help get you started. Also, all source files of the templates are available in HTML, CSS and PSD, allowing you to craft your design in the program of your choosing.

Another caveat is that you don’t have to submit an email address to get started. All of Themezy’s templates are also designed to be responsive across devices, guaranteeing that your subscribers can actually read your newsletter.

Themezy Email Marketing Templates

Image credit: Themezy

Other resources for free email and newsletter templates

This list of places to find free email templates should hopefully get your creative juices flowing in no time. If you are looking for an email marketing tool to help you distribute your newsletters and other marketing materials, visit our email marketing software category page to research all types of email marketing tools. For marketers on a budget, be sure to check out our free email marketing tools to find a powerful solution without breaking the bank.