Top-Rated Features of Email Marketing Software

Email marketing is becoming a more popular means of reaching out to customers and potential customers. It’s a quick, convenient and powerful way to spread your message, so many companies have chosen to adopt the tactic.

However, email marketing is not particularly easy to handle manually. Therefore, many companies rely on email marketing software, which handles all of this work for you—automatically! Everything from high-volume sending capability to reporting, this software can really be a help to your marketing team.

If you need more reason to invest in this software, we’ve compiled the top five best features of email marketing software according to G2 Crowd reviewers.

Sending Outbound Emails

What seems like a very basic feature is very important to reviewers, earning a 90 percent satisfaction rating. Email marketing software not only allows you to easily send a group of outbound emails at once, but it also allows you to send them in a cohesive, professional format. This alone is a reason to invest in email marketing software.

High-Volume Sending

This best feature received an 89 percent satisfaction score—and for good reason. Not only would high-volume sending be nearly impossible to do by hand, it causes many messages to be flagged as spam. Using a software eliminates this risk and also makes it possible to send a mass amount of emails without devoting days or weeks to the project.

Email and Mobile Preview

One of the most frustrating things you can do is send out an email that is ill-formatted or, worse, doesn’t work for the many mobile users you will encounter. This best feature received an 88 percent satisfaction rating because you can see how your emails will appear both on desktop and mobile before you send them, allowing you to fix any mistakes before they go out.

Automated Email Responses

While answering every email sends a personal touch, it’s also very time consuming, especially when most questions are repeats. Make the process more efficient by setting up automated email responses with email marketing software. This best feature scored an 87 percent satisfaction rate among reviewers.

Basic Reporting

Sending emails is an effective marketing tool, but only if the receivers are actually opening them. Email marketing software’s basic reporting feature received an 87 percent satisfaction rating because reviewers really appreciate the ability to see how their marketing tactics are working without having to do the analytics themselves.

Even if you aren’t in marketing, you know how time consuming sending emails and sorting through emails can be. So, imagine having to do it with large groups of people at one time! Email marketing software makes it much more bearable, especially with features such as previewing and automated responses. Email marketing has a lot of great features, but G2 Crowd reviewers found a few that make it a very worthwhile investment. Reach your customers and potential customers professionally and easily with email marketing software.

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