Turn Your Emails Into Ads With Email Signature Tools

Marketers are always looking for new avenues to advertise and hit audiences. The newest place marketing teams have found to push their messages? Email signatures.

Email signatures have always been used by marketing teams to try to push custom messages, but dealing with the task of convincing team members to change their email signatures routinely is a tough responsibility to stay on top of. From less tech-savvy team members who may not know how to change their email signatures, to those team members who frankly don’t care enough to follow through and change their signoffs, there are many reasons why email signature marketing hasn’t been a place of excitement.

Now though, that’s changed. With new automated resources that give marketing teams the ability to change any team member’s email signature from within a single dashboard, email signature marketing platforms are exciting new tools for a marketer’s SaaS toolbox.

Email signature tools also help drive brand guidelines. These platforms allow the marketing department to control all marketing collateral and CTAs in order to hammer home brand consistency across all team members and departments within an organization.

For these reasons, we have added a new email signature marketing category on G2 Crowd.

Inclusion into our new email signature software category is based on a set of requirements a tool must have, as outlined by our research team. Those requirements include:

  • Email signature built-in editor that allows a centralized person(s) to create, manage and control multiple versions of signatures within an email provider across an organization
  • Business workflow to streamline and promote content marketing activities and sync brand style guidelines across organizations
    General engagement analytics
  • Customizable subgroups allowing different teams and departments to have unique email signature CTAs

While a newer SaaS space, there are still 13 email signature marketing tools in the category. There are 42 reviews across the entire category, but 41 of those reviews come the two major players in the email signature space: Sigstr and SenderGen.


Sigstr Email Signature

The Lowdown: Sigstr is an Indianapolis-based startup founded by a former ExactTarget team member. The platform is also coming off of a recent $5 million funding round from Hyde Park Ventures and HubSpot. Currently, the tool has a 4.4 out of 5 star user review rating stemming from 21 total Sigstr reviews.

Use Cases: From real user-submitted reviews of Sigstr, 57 percent come from mid-market companies between 51-1,000 employees. The other 43 percent are from small businesses with fewer than 50 employees. The three most represented industries who have reviewed the email signature tool on G2 Crowd include computer software (46 percent), marketing and advertising (17 percent) and information technology and services (13 percent).

Price: Sigstr offers a free 30-day trial for new marketers testing email signature marketing automation. After that, users have three tiers of offerings ranging from $150 to $350 per month.


SenderGen Email Signature

The Lowdown: SenderGen is a San Francisco-based startup that is two years older than Sigstr. Its only funding round, led by Bloomberg, came back in 2013 at an undisclosed amount. Additionally, its tool can be found on the Salesforce AppExchange as well as Marketo LaunchPoint. Currently, SenderGen has a 4.6 out of 5 star user review rating across 20 total SenderGen reviews.

Use Cases: SenderGen’s user reviews are more spread out across company sizes than Sigstr. The leading company size is also mid-market companies at 45 percent, but small business is right there at 40 percent share of users. The other 15 percent of reviewers come from SenderGen users at enterprise companies larger than 1,000 employees. The industry with the most SenderGen users is also computer software at 25 percent, with companies in the internet, jewelry, and marketing and advertising industries coming in a three-way tie at 10 percent of reviewers.

Price: SenderGen also offers a free trial for the first 14 days using the email signature marketing tool. Once the trial is over, users have the choice between four pricing tiers ranging from $150 to $400 per month.

This is just the start of the email signature marketing fight for the most popular tool among users, as the category is in its infancy. There are currently 11 other tools in the space, with more sure to come.

With a battle between SenderGen and Sigstr taking shape, it will be interesting to see whose customers will advocate stronger to cause separation between the two products. We look forward to following what real email signature marketing users say about the tools they use, and to see if SenderGen, Sigstr or another dark horse emerges from the pack as the clear leader of the new email signature marketing space.

If you use an email signature marketing tool, be sure to share your experience in a review to help other SaaS buyers in their hunt for new business tools.

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