Use Email Tracking Tools to Increase Customer Success

In a world of witty tweets, captivating blog posts and savvy Instagram updates, email marketing may feel like an outdated tactic. With many inboxes flooded with deals, updates and articles, it can be difficult to make your voice heard. Fortunately, robust analytics can make a difference in connecting with customers.

Email tracking software allows users to see who has or has not opened emails, study the success of campaigns and discern what content customers click through on or engage with. Understanding how customers are engaging with emails can help brands and businesses pinpoint specific improvements to be made and better satisfy customers needs — ultimately fostering growth. Keep reading to discover just a few of the ways that email tracking is helping drive customer success today.

Effective Communication

For sales and marketing teams, email tracking uncovers insights into what customers want and helps to maximize effective communication. Click-through rates can provide data on what motivates a customer to buy or reveal what blog topics your audience cares about. Email tracking enables you to test copy and discover what avenues of success will allow both your audience and business to grow.

Email tracking also allows you to track conversations with customers and organize where a customer may be in the buying process. Our G2 Crowd reviewers value the ability to follow up with prospects and close deals. Increased organization across your email marketing enables truly cohesive conversations with an exponential number of customers. Likewise, knowing what customers respond to in emails can help refine marketing techniques holistically — from social media posts to web copy. Email tracking makes it possible to collect and analyze input from potential customers while minimizing lost sales opportunities because of untimely responses.

Easily Plan for Success

Along with streamlining customer communication, email tracking allows you to better plan, schedule and manage your email marketing as a whole. Email tracking makes it easy to scale the volume of email generated, from creating specific customer lists to setting up automatic replies to crafting templates for a variety of objectives. Most platforms make it simple to save evergreen content and easily export shareable reports. Whatever the size of your business or the number of clients you work with, a dedicated email management system can enable you to continually scale and expand your marketing efforts in tandem with your growth.

The ability to orchestrate email campaigns simultaneously across timezones, triggers and topics fosters customer success, automatically putting the information customers want in their inbox. Along with robust scheduling capabilities, email tracking tools can save even more time if integrated with a CRM system. Forget data entry, new emails can be automatically populated into relevant customer lists and audience segments.

Deliver with Data

Email tracking offers essential data on how customers are interacting with content and makes it easy to follow up. A bad open rate could mean your subject lines are boring, or a ton of case study downloads could mean your audience is craving information on your product. Data can truly transform your sales, and our G2 Crowd users love receiving instant feedback on email pitches and demos that quickly explain the value of their product, software or service to customers. Leveraging data can transform business efforts exponentially.

Analytics provide insights to help ask important questions, establish a benchmark from which to grow and visualize your potential for success. How can you get better unless you know how you’re actually doing? Email analytics opens the door for creative thinking and drives teams to understand how to achieve customer success. Not sure where to get started? Uncover the email tracking services that are making a difference for our users at G2 Crowd today.