Employee Intranet

Why We Added the Employee Intranet Category to G2 Crowd

Those employed in modern, urban workspaces likely are not wanting for more collaboration and communication. With email, internal messaging apps, team collaboration platforms, survey tools and ticketing systems, employees are inundated with requests and small disruptions on a daily (and in many cases, hourly) basis.

But what if there was a way to consolidate all of these platforms, making collaboration and communication accessible from one portal? What if you could give full access to employees across an enterprise to cut down on various subscriptions and put professionals together under one roof?

Employee intranets are private networks, akin to a company’s own protected version of the internet, that are hosted online and accessible only by that company’s employees. The most comparable software category that existed previously on G2 Crowd is Team Collaboration.

While team collaboration and employee intranet tools have many of the same features, the main difference lies in how they’re executed. Team collaboration tools are platforms that can be on-premise or hosted through the cloud with browser sign-in. Employee intranets are hosted on their own network — again, like a private version of the internet.

What was previously not a category on G2 Crowd now boasts 10 products — all without reviews in this new category — that are waiting for verified users to show others what each solution can accomplish in a business setting.

Popular employee intranet features
  • Content Management
  • Workflows
  • Communication
  • Onboarding and Training
  • Newsfeeds
  • Employee Profiles
  • File and Information Sharing
  • Enterprise Search

Communifire, for example, is a social intranet for organizations that love to be social. It’s a hub for sharing various forms of media and is built with the search tools to save you from getting lost in your own archives. Whereas some intranets have the goal of being strictly business, Communifire hopes to bring community into the company.

“It has increased talking between our four different offices across New Zealand & Australia,” wrote an anonymous user in their Communifire review. “People post different things related to the business or funny posts and it gets people commenting and being sociable which is great for our culture. Good place to store links to documents and policies for everyone to read — you can make some articles required reading.”

Go Intranet Accelerator is another addition to the employee intranet category. This solution is specifically intended for organizations that utilize Microsoft SharePoint. It offers both a people finder and a team site directory, easily connecting you with those in your company or your field.

Additionally, Go Intranet Accelerator can serve as a hub for your work, allowing you to access and share sites, documents and links that are vital to your workflow. Employees can be arranged by group or department so they’re better organized and maintained.

Pricing will differ from one solution to the next. Certain solutions will allow you to pay for the features you want, while others are one price for all solutions.

Hub Intranet also markets itself as a social intranet for teams of any size. It offers portals with enough security to be accessed by cohorts on different sides of the globe. Its features include unlimited hub communities, instant chat and email, interactive polls and a form builder.

While some of these employee intranet solutions are ready out of the box, others give users the opportunity to build their own tool, such as Hubspot’s form builder. This can be done with programming knowledge or by choosing a tool that has more drag-and-drop capabilities. Administrators can customize the solution according to their team needs and implement it knowing nothing was left out.

Out-of-the-box solutions can be implemented more quickly, but users might find it lacking in certain customizations, or even having too many particular features.

Employee intranets are a different world of collaboration, combining the productivity of various existing solutions into one package. If your company uses an employee intranet listed, or even one that isn’t, tell us what you think by writing a review.

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