Top 5 Benefits of Using Document Signing Online

When I accepted my first internship out of college, I signed a physical copy of my contract. Three years later, when I accepted my job at G2 Crowd, I signed my contract electronically, thanks to the help of e-signature software. When it comes to document signing online, e-signature software is the way to go. In fact, document signing is the top-rated feature of e-signature software products, according to thousands of reviewers at G2 Crowd.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Document Signing Online

Both your business and your customers will immediately reap the benefits of using e-signature software. But if you have yet to be convinced, here are five of the top reasons your business should implement e-signature software.

  • Enhance paperwork accuracy

    With a hard copy of paperwork, a client could easily mistakenly overlook a field the requires his or her signature. That would spur an unnecessary back and forward that will prolong closing a deal and delay your business getting paid. No one on either end wants that. E-signature software offers the ability to make a signature in certain fields in the paper work mandatory. That ensures 100 percent accuracy with paperwork every time.

  • Security

    Using e-signature software offers your employees and customers more security than the traditional handwritten signature. When integrated with contract lifecycle management software, you can go a step further in securing that valuable signature. As Contract Logix CLM wrote, “Contract management software with electronic signing capability can automatically detect even minor altering, and it can record more data points than paper.”

  • Close deals faster

    When your business uses a hard copy of paperwork, you are left wondering when it will be signed. Thanks to e-signature software, your business will no longer have to be concerned with that. DocuSign, which was named a G2 Crowd e-signature software Leader for summer 2017, has a feature that reminds documents signers that are waiting to be signed and document expiration dates. One G2 Crowd DocuSign review said of that feature, “I love being able to quickly send out paperwork – and click ‘REMIND’ after a couple days so that the paperwork appears again in a person’s inbox as a friendly reminder without me calling to ask ‘why haven’t you signed yet?!'”

  • Reduce costs

    Paper, ink and printers all add up … especially if you happen to purchase a faulty printer from Dunder Mifflin-Sabre. E-signature software will obviously erase that cost for you. Your business will also start to see other indirect savings. As Signix wrote on their blog, “a report by AIIM found that 81% of digital signature users saw a payback within 12 months, and 25% saw ROI in three months or less.” Plenty of e-signature software products have free or low-cost options. HelloSign, which was a Leader on G2 Crowd in the e-signature software category for Summer 2017, is just one of the solutions that offers a free, albeit limited, plan.

  • Improve relationships with customers

    Your clients are used to doing business online, and they likely expect that from your business. Sticking to some business practices that customers may see as archaic could end up costing you that customer. Allowing customers to electronically sign paperwork with e-signature software shows that your business values their time, as they will be able to sign paperwork quickly from anywhere.

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