Executive Interview: Max Altschuler, CEO, Sales Hacker

G2 Crowd is pleased to share this executive interview from the collaboration and productivity software space. Max Altschuler serves as the CEO of Sales Hacker. To learn more about this company’s products and services, please visit their page on G2 Crowd.

Executive Name
Max Altschuler
Company Name
Sales Hacker
Years With the Company
Years of Professional Experience

Job titles can be confusing. What does your role and responsibilities entail?

Just a little of everything. In the first few years of the company I did it all. From uploading speaker headshots to the site, to answering customer support, to selling partnerships, to editing blog posts.

Now my day to day is more focused on the long term. I hired people better than me at specialized parts of the business to execute and tell me what to do, which opens me up to work on long-term partnerships, figuring out where the future opportunities are, managing the budget, managing the team, and getting exposure for the business through podcasts and content.

What is the philosophy behind your company and how does that approach differentiate your products or services in the marketplace?

We’re a true community. We have no ulterior motive, nothing to sell. We just want to educate and allow people to connect with each other.

For Sales Leaders, we give them a platform and audience to share their relevant experiences. For our readers and attendees, we provide a sales education from those who have been there, done that. For our partners, we provide access to salespeople backed by budget.

It’s created a really nice, balanced ecosystem.

How do you describe your company’s internal culture? What are some examples of what makes your workplace special?

Our company is fully remote, which I think makes it unique from a cultural perspective. I’ve hired a few people I didn’t even meet in person until a few months in.

I don’t count hours. I don’t really care too much about the amount of time people log. We have a trust system that works when everyone gets their work done and done well. We’ll know if someone isn’t pulling their weight.

We use Slack, Asana and Google Apps to stay in touch. Our employees really like the fact that they don’t have to waste time and money commuting. Everyone gets to meet up a few times a year at all of our conferences.

When your team brags about their jobs, what is the story they are sharing?

They’ll brag about how we’re remote. They’ll brag about how many people write in and thank us for the work we’re doing to educate and connect the sales world. They’ll brag about how they feel empowered and trusted. They’ll brag about the difference they make both in the business, and in the world.

Does your company engage with philanthropic opportunities? If so, why and which ones?

Yes. A portion of the proceeds from all of our events have gone to animal rescue charities like Muttville and the ASPCA. We also run programs for veterans and have plans to expand that at some point in the next 12-18 months. The first program was a huge success. I really want to roll it out with someone focused on it full-time in charge.

What leader, outside of your company, do you look up to or try to emulate and why?

Not really one leader, but a hybrid of people I’ve had the good fortune to learn from over time. People I’ve worked with or catch up with on a month-to-month basis. I’ve learned just as much about what not to do, as what to do, from a lot of the leaders I’ve worked with or under. It’s psychological aspect of managing is fun for me.

What is it about that individual that you believe sets them apart as a leader?

The one thing that has set apart the best from the rest is that the best have had an opinion, and thought through their opinion in incredible detail, and all of the other possible options, but will still allow you to present your way of thinking. They’ll be humble when they’re right, and help you see how they thought through the problem. When they’re wrong, they’ll trust you to run with it and execute, while understanding the metrics needed to call it a success, and timeline necessary to get there balanced with the urgency of the business.

If your team could write a review of YOU on G2 Crowd, what would the headline be?

Quirky, crazy, caring, thoughtful, trusting, empowering.

If you could review your team on G2 Crowd, what would the headline be?

Creative, hardworking, passionate, helpful, over-delivering, that does more with less.

If you could change one thing in the business world, what would it be and why?

Four-day work weeks and everyone remote would be the norm.

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