Best Software for Small Businesses to Manage Expenses


Expense management keeps small businesses efficient and focused.

The number one thing small businesses need more of? Time.

Tracking, organizing, and reviewing business expenses takes a lot of time. And, since small business owners are often improvising on what their business needs in the moment, purchasing business supplies and travel on the fly, and fronting their company out of their own pockets, expense management is a significant part of small business operations. They need expense software that is quick to setup, easy to use, and helps them identify where money is being spent. As Alex, an operations director in aerospace and aviation, said in a review of Expensify, his company needed “ease and [simplicity] of capturing expenses for a small startup,” because they “don’t have time to waste on manual receipts and reports.”

Small businesses also don’t want to waste a lot of time shopping around for new software. Get it implemented and get on to actually executing your business plan. So, G2 Crowd has identified which expense management products small businesses use and love. Presenting the G2 Crowd Expense Management GridSM for Small Business, this comparison tool only takes into account reviews from companies of 50 employees or less. It specifically shows small business users’ satisfaction with the tools they use and the market presence or prevalence of that product among small businesses.


The G2 Crowd Expense Management GridSM for Small Business

Of the 16 products that appear on our overall Expense Management GridSM, only 6 received enough reviews to be evaluated on the G2 Crowd Expense Management GridSM for Small Business. These are listed below with their respective customer satisfaction score (normalized).


High Performers



Leaders Expensify and TriNet are Leaders on the overall Expense GridSM as well, but achieve a much higher market presence among small businesses. Concur’s satisfaction score and Certify’s market presence fall dramatically when looking only at small business reviews. Each moves from a Leader to a Contender or High Performer respectively. Nexonia Expense remains a High Performer among small businesses as it is overall.


In a review of Expensify, realtor Kathy said:

“I love Expensify, they make it easy for me to be organized and on top of my expenses. In the past this was a chore I strongly disliked, now I love it, I love to be organized, what can I say? But my favorite part of Expensify is their customer service. They go above and beyond every time, updating me periodically and never forgetting, even if I do. They make it easy to get started, they fix my problems quickly and they keep me in the loop. I never feel like they’ve forgotten about me. And that feels good.”


In a review of TriNet Expense, Mark (an investment management partner) said:

System is cloud based which is great for a growing small business. The ability to upload photos of receipts saves us from the ‘shoebox’ method of receipt collection. Admin approver can use app to approve—and it’s much better to download into quickbooks rather than input manually. … Younger employee base demands a mobile, easy to use, efficient expense reimbursement done through cloud where all other systems for employees are housed currently.”


For more information, compare expense management products on G2 Crowd or purchase our in-depth expense management research package.