Easiest to Use Expense Management Software

G2 Crowd reviewers of expense management software all had similar reasoning as to why they like using the tool: it makes employees’ lives better. While recording expenses used to be a very monotonous, time consuming and error-prone task, with expense management software, it’s become an easy, digitized task.

Not all expense management software is as easy to use as others, however. Not every tool offers the customization or organization users are looking for, and some users prefer all-in-one software while others prefer to integrate their expense management software with an outside accounting software.

We have compiled the five expense management software options users ranked easiest to use, as well as some information on each product. The category average for Ease of Use was a score of 85 percent.


As one reviewer stated, “The best part of Coupa Expense Reporting is the flexibility and myriad of options available for accessing and submitting an expense report.” Not only does Coupa allow users to capture receipts with a camera phone, it also makes exporting expense reports easy. Another user stated how easy the software is to use from anywhere — with or without Internet. Employees will thank you for never having to delay approving their report. This expense management software achieved a 95 percent score in the Ease of Use category.


Trippeo also far surpassed the category average with a 94 percent. Trippeo’s clean and simple user interface makes it very user-friendly, according to reviewers. While Trippeo users, as Coupa users, appreciated being able to upload receipts via their cellphones, Trippeo reviewers also noted the expense management software’s excellent and easy-to-reach customer service team.


Certify users not only found the interface easy to use, but they also noted the ease of use of the software’s app as well. Another interesting feature that helped Certify gain its 94 percent Ease of Use score is that it has an email that automatically compiles your expenses for a report. Like the other products, approval can be done straight from the app, and users can access Certify from a computer, phone or tablet.


Like Trippeo and Certify, Abacus scored a 94 percent in Ease of Use. The speed of Abacus in particular is what makes the software so easy to use. As one reviewer noted, “The timeline from submission to approval to initiating direct deposit has been as little as 30 seconds.” Users who prefer to integrate with a different accounting software really found Abacus user-friendly.


User feedback is taken very seriously for the Zoho team. In fact, they often implement the feedback right away, making the app much easier to use. Also, all the modules on Zoho integrate with each other seamlessly, and users found it very easy to add modules as they needed to. Lastly, features like categories and approval workflow made the expense management software very easy to use. Zoho ranked very closely to the other products, gaining a 93 percent Ease of Use score.

Expense management no longer has to be a tedious process of tracking down receipts and manually inputting information thanks to expense management software. Not all expense management software is created equal, however, and some options are easier to use than others. Do your research, and you will find the perfect software option for you.

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