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What Is Field Sales Software? Why We Added the Field Sales Category to G2 Crowd

The most I’ve ever understood about door-to-door sales comes from the 2002 movie of the same title, “Door to Door.” William H. Macy plays Bill Porter, an employee at J.R. Watkins who finds success in sales while living with a severe case of cerebral palsy. Despite the state of California deeming him unemployable, Porter goes on to serve J.R. Watkins for more than 40 years, often walking 8–10 miles per day to do so.

It’s possible a more noble and inspiring sales-centric story will never be written. Indeed, it’s easy to get lost in the narrative of salespeople as money-hungry go-getters who would rather crunch numbers than cereal. But to believe this trope discredits the hard work, ambition and drive it takes to succeed in an industry where profit perpetually depends on the pitch.

Field sales — the kind of exchange the aforementioned Mr. Porter engaged in — is unique in that it requires physical commitment. Field salespeople are participating in the almost ancient art of going door to door, forming connections with a community in the hopes it can become a mutually beneficial relationship.

Although the practice of field sales is almost ancient, the methods don’t have to be. In fact, plenty of modern software tools exist to turn what was once an entirely manual process into a breeze. The need to feature field sales software on G2 Crowd is undeniable. These tools, which are mostly configured for mobile devices but can often be accessed via desktop, provide a number of features that change the approach to face-to-face selling.

What is field sales software?

Field sales tools help door-to-door salespeople understand their local neighborhoods, stores and communities in order to map out the most effective routes. It keeps personnel from backtracking, forgetting where to go next and wasting time due to confusion.

Product highlight: Repsly
Repsly What Is Field Sales

Product Name: Repsly
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews: 28

Another aspect of field sales software that makes it an imperative addition to G2 Crowd is its ability to act as a mobile CRM. Repsly, which previously lived only in the forms automation category, is now a field sales tool that tries to capture valuable customer insight. It provides customer history and account data within the app, keeping information at your fingertips. Repsly is a store-to-store tool as opposed to door-to-door, but it’s still helping people in the field report their triumphs.

“The primary business problem solved by Repsly is the efficient capture of information from sales contacts while in the field,” wrote Douglass A. in their Repsly review. “Repsly allows our sales team to quickly input information from each contact with customers, and to have that information at their fingertips for future contacts with that customer. It also allows for efficient reporting to management of all of their activities.”

Product highlight: Spotio
Spotio What Is Field Sales

Product Name: Spotio
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews: 3

Spotio is another example of a field sales tool. Although it has previously existed only in sales performance management, it is now an excellent fit for the field sales category due to both its territory and time management features. Spotio allows administrators and managers to view their team members’ locations and assign territories within the app. Maps can then be assigned to salespeople, who can use a mobile device in the field to help them understand their routes and expectations. Administrators can assign multiple salespeople to the same territory, search territories from a list and receive real-time updates on actions being taken.

When asked what business problems Spotio is helping them solve, an anonymous user wrote in their Spotio review that the product “helps maintain customer lists and track notes related to various points in the sales process.”

Product highlight: SalesRabbit

Product Name: SalesRabbit
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.3
Total Reviews: 99

Field sales software allows users to complete sales within the app, which means every bit of information is logged onsite. Some tools come equipped with form creation and e-signature capabilities, vastly reducing the number of contacts who fail to follow through on their buying promises.

Routzy was previously only a proposal tool that now fits into field sales. It allows you to generate in-app quotes and optimal sales routes. It is made to work on iPads, which are both portable and professional, and exhibits many sales contact management features.

“Routzy is a standalone iPad CRM app with no clunky backend, no website to register with, and no online connection required to access your data,” Routzy said on their sales contact management page. “Everything you need to go from one end of the sales process to the other is packed inside a single, portable application. With Routzy, you can create quotes and proposals on the fly, complete paperwork automatically, share data with co-workers, put on instant, professional presentations, and so much more.”

We’ve only scratched the surface with what field sales software can do. It’s able to generate analytical reports to help companies understand their progress. It can be used as a communication tool between those in the field and those in the office. It can increase leads, decrease confusion and amp up your revenue.

As an employee in field sales, you’re working hard toward a goal. Maybe it’s to save up for grad school, or to send your children to dance class, or to prove wrong those who’ve said you couldn’t succeed. Only you and your work ethic can decide if you reach that goal. Consider deploying a field sales software tool to help you along the way.

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