New Dropbox Features Make File Sharing Tool Collaborative

Dropbox lists a plethora of new features on its site, all constructed in efforts to make its file storage and sharing software offering more enjoyable, productive and collaborative.

This is good news for users, who gave Dropbox an 83 percent rating for Product Going in Right Direction on the recent Winter 2017 Grid℠ for File Storage and Sharing, making it only slightly higher than the category average. The changes are sure to affect user experience, which will surely be displayed through review feedback for a plethora of the product’s feature ratings.

Device Syncing

In the Grid℠ Report for File Storage & Sharing | Winter 2017, Dropbox received a 92 percent satisfaction score for its Device Syncing features. This provides functionality that manages file syncing between both PC and mobile devices to ensure files are up to date no matter what device they are updated on.

With the newest additions, the product allows users to send files and folders from desktop as opposed to just the web interface. This will allow users more flexibility with how they share documents and provide users with the confidence that their files are accessible wherever their device is.

File Sharing

The tool has adapted the ability to request files from cohorts, upper management, friends, etc. Users can organize these files as they please, placing privacy settings on folders according to who they’d care to see the contents.

For example, employees could share important paperwork with HR personnel, but have no access to the documents other coworkers share within that same folder. This helps with file sharing and organization while still providing for document security.

File Following

Currently, Dropbox has an 89 percent satisfaction rating for File Following, a feature that allows users to receive updates when files have been updated, added, deleted or moved.

Now, the software tracks when users so much as view a document or file. This gives users insight as to who still needs to view a document, approve changes, etc.

Additionally, it improves document Security, a satisfaction metric for which Dropbox scored 89 percent on the Winter Grid℠. When so many links and permissions are sent out to a multitude of people, it’s important to ensure that only approved parties are accessing the file to view or edit. This feature provides users that confidence.

Simultaneous Edits

Whereas Dropbox used to be a hub simply for sharing data, it now allows users to co-edit and co-author files concurrently. This will potentially affect its rating for Simultaneously Editing, which most recently was rated 79 percent satisfaction.

What was once a tool for file storage and sharing now offers users the opportunity to be productive together. These changes are reflective of the ever-evolving software stratosphere, where user experience dictates innovation. What will they dream up next?

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