Why We Care: Behind the Scenes of G2 Gives

Back in 2012, before the G2 Crowd co-founders had even determined the function of the company, they developed the seven core values that they, and their employees, would work by. Five years and more than 110 employees later, G2 Crowd has long since outgrown the original basement workspace. And while it is widely understood that with growth comes change, what remains the same five years later are G2 Crowd’s seven core values. One of our values, ‘Be Compassionate & Authentic’, is reflected by our commitment to charitable giving.

When G2 Crowd received our recent $30 million round of funding, I was ecstatic to see how easy of a decision it was to designate a significant amount of the new funds toward charitable giving to support our G2 Gives initiative.

Through our G2 Gives review campaigns, in which G2 Crowd donates an amount to charity for each high-quality, verified review submitted, we are empowering the public to share their voice in exchange for a charitable donation. For us, it is the best of both worlds. Not only are we living out our values through giving back, but we are also continuing our mission to bring transparency to the B2B solutions purchasing process. Personally, with my background of nonprofit and start-up companies, this marries a perfect blend of entrepreneurial spirit and high-impact drive with the heart to help out nonprofits.

On the reviewer’s end, that is truly all it takes. In exchange for your voice, your opinion, your review, G2 Crowd will make a donation to a worthy cause. In just ten minutes of time, you are providing help to somebody who needs it – but that is not all. You are making a contribution to the G2 Crowd mission. You are helping to provide transparency in a space that needs it – the B2B software and services buying process.These days, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the amount of information and data about people in need. People struggle to understand how they can help.  G2 Crowd is aiming to make that easy for those who use software at work – all they need to do is write a review and they have done their part to help.  G2 Crowd wants to empower them to use their knowledge and time to make an impact.

Recently, G2 Gives ran a review campaign for World Water Day 2017. For every review submitted, G2 Crowd donated $5 to Charity Water to bring a local, reliable, and clean water source where one was not available. Thanks to you, our reviewers, we were able to provide 310 days of clean water to those who needed it most. And I’m thrilled to say, we are just getting started.

At G2 Crowd, we are proud of the values that we work by every day. Submit a review, support a worthy cause, and further our mission to bring transparency to the B2B marketplace.

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