Striving to Create a Better Community Through G2 Gives

G2 Crowd is proud to call Chicago home. This town is filled with amazing talent, awesome culture, world renowned brands and some of the best pizza in the world. Admittedly, when you’re lucky enough to call Chicago home, it’s awfully difficult to be humble.

But Chicago isn’t perfect.

Recently our city and state have been battling a variety of fiscal challenges. To compound matters, in the last few years, Chicago has been a hornet’s nest of violence. Unfortunately these adult problems are directly impacting the innocent – our community’s children.

To make matters worse, we know that some of the violence can be curbed with adequate funding of police, education and other appropriate programs. While this is not a complete answer, it has been proven to help. Alas, these options require public dollars that are not currently available.

Recently G2 Crowd’s CEO, Tim Handorf, learned that Chicago Tech Academy was fundraising to combat their budget shortfall. ChiTech is training tomorrow’s tech leaders and visionaries by providing students with a high-quality STEM education in Chicago’s public school system. Instead of being discouraged by their $400,000 budget deficit, our CEO saw this as an opportunity for G2 Gives to step in and help.

We know that education is a key component to building stronger and healthier communities. It is also an important tool for keeping teenagers out of trouble. We are determined to help, but we can’t do it alone. We are proud to offer the opportunity for professionals to share their opinions and help these young people.

We have launched a campaign, in conjunction with the Illinois Technology Association, to turn reviews of business software and services into donations to support ChiTech. For every verified review we receive through this page, we are donating $10 to ChiTech to support our goal of providing at least $100,000 of their budget needs.

Regardless of industry or job title, we all use software and business services in our jobs. It doesn’t matter if you’re a receptionist, a teacher or Dennis Muilenburg, CEO of Boeing (our across-the-river neighbors) – you have an opinion on the products you use. G2 Gives is asking for you to spend just minutes and share that opinion. With your insights, we are going to help ChiTech make Chicago a better city.

Your opinions already help bring transparency to B2B buying. Isn’t it about time they help improve the lives of young people? Take 10 minutes, write a review and let’s make a difference together.

Write a Review to Help ChiTech

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