Support American Red Cross Disaster Response Efforts

Hurricane Harvey is dealing a devastating blow to millions of people in Texas.

Current estimates expect more than 450,000 applications for disaster relief to FEMA.  At this moment, more than 30,000 people are staying in emergency housing shelters. Local officials have had to turn warehouses into shelters to protect people.

FEMA is shipping two million meals and liters of water to the region.  More than 12,000 Texas National Guard troops are aiding in rescue and recovery efforts in the region.

This hurricane has taken so much from Texas and the rain continues to fall.  Current predictions expect some areas to see more than 50 inches of rainfall in a few short days.  The average annual rainfall in the region is 49 inches. Hurricane Harvey is bringing more than one year’s worth of rain in four days – devastating.

Those affected by Hurricane Harvey need support. Period.

At this point, you may be asking what can you do?  With the ever-present digital media we are more connected ever on awareness and empathy to disasters, but how do you take action?

G2 Gives allows you to do this with just your time and voice.

The ask is very simple. Write a review of a business software or service you use.  In exchange we will donate $10 to the American Red Cross.  

Write as many reviews as you’d like and for every complete and verified review, we will make another donation. Encourage your co-workers to write reviews as well, before you know it your team will be raising hundreds of dollars to assist the Red Cross with their relief efforts.

Together we can make a big difference for the people of Texas.

Write a Review to Support the American Red Cross

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