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Game Dev Digest: Edition IV

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“PUBG”: Things Are Happening

“PUBG” is still in the news this week, with most of the talk revolving around the creation of PUBG Corp. to focus entirely on the battle royale game. There have also been talks of a publishing deal with Chinese game publisher Tencent, as well as Sony for a PS4 version. In addition, “PUBG” has been the victim of another review bombing, tracked by Steam’s new review graph feature (which seems to be working so far), caused by an ad for a Chinese VPN on the game’s home screen.

While it can’t be argued that “PUBG” is picking up steam, things are also moving quickly for “Fortnite: Battle Royale” to the tune of 7 million players in its first week. And apparently the game has also prompted a lot of improvements to the Unreal Engine that other developers will be able to reap the benefits of. While there are a lot of game engines available, updates and boundary pushing benefits everyone.

Nintendo and Nintendon’ts

Console marketplaces are making a lot of changes in the near future, particularly the newest console: the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo’s marketplace is seeing the addition of a lot of high-profile indie games, such as the release of “Stardew Valley” today, October 5. But when one door opens, another closes: the shutdown of the Wii Shop Channel will take hundreds of classic games with it. Nintendo is also cracking down on YouTube livestreams, which may have an effect on upcoming games like “Super Mario Odyssey.” The company has always had a rocky relationship with live streamers and the use of game footage in YouTube videos, so this crackdown is somewhat unsurprising, but a questionable business move.

Devs Sharing Secrets

A Twitter hashtag has game devs sharing images of levels in the blocking out stages, which has provided some insight into the design philosophy behind Nintendo’s “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.” Similarly, the devs behind the new top-down sci-fi shooter “Ruiner” share some behind-the-scenes info on the creation process.

Game Dev Tool of the Week

AMAZON LUMBERYARD | Amazon’s Lumberyard engine, a free AAA game engine that ingrates with AWS and Twitch, has added new features in an update.

Video of the Week

GAMASUTRA | One of the animators on the recent breakout game “Cuphead” discusses the game’s artistic philosophy

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