The Jock: Sales Rep Styles & The Right Tool for Each

Just as you depend on your sales reps, they also depend on you for support, tools and guidance. Providing the right technology to your sales team helps them refine their pitches, learn from company trends and, ultimately, close more deals.


Thrives with Gamification & Loyalty Software and Sales Effectiveness tools in his stack

The Jock: Sales Effectiveness & Gamification

We all know the sports-crazed sales guy that makes everyone smile. He’s still talking about the last touchdown of his high school football career, he’s the organizer of all things intramural in the office, and he watches the big games any chance he gets. A man of strong character, The Jock takes competition very seriously. He’s your inside sales hunter, and he’s competitive to a fault. The smart sales leader uses Gamification & Loyalty to manage The Jock. The competitive nature of business fits this sales rep — he’s ready to be at the top of the leaderboard. Using Sales Effectiveness tools to measure this individual’s performance is also important. Sharing big wins with the team will go a long way toward making The Jock effective.