Gym Managers Need Software, Too

I first became a member of a gym when I was in high school, trading YouTube workouts and running in the heat of Texas summer for lifting weights at our local YMCA. Prior to that, I remember watching as my mom went about the various circuits at her Curves gym. I don’t remember much about the latter, save that there was a lot of “stepping” for cardio.

Handling my own gym membership, I now notice how much goes into it. The monthly payments for a facility I sporadically use. Obtaining a seasonally updated class calendar. Enrolling in time for spin and kickboxing. Deciding on a reasonable trainer package for my budget—and these are only the client-facing chores.

Gym management software are what’s at work behind the scenes to ensure consumer participation is seamless. By the time members sign on the dotted line, they’ve decided that not only are the facilities and services great, but the tools offered to navigate their new memberships are as well.

Ideally, these tools can do it all:

  • They assist in onboarding new clients by allowing them to create profiles that can help them self-manage account information.
  • They juggle and coordinate changing group exercise schedules, remaining flexible for the days Tammy calls in sick, the week Marcus is on family vacation or adjustments  made seasonally.
  • They allow clients to update important details such as home address, phone number and credit card information to reduce the amount of chase-down from already-busy gym personnel.
  • If relevant, gym or club management tools can track workout results to help users gain a better understanding of their performance and exertion levels.

For the back-ends of these processes, gym management tools offer just as much:

  • They help gym managers and owners keep track of member information and contracts, membership renewal and expiration dates and payment information.
  • They can aid in necessary financial tasks such as payment tracking and alert owners and members when payments are unsuccessful.
  • They provide gym owners reports that aid in overall understanding of the gym’s functionality and needs for change.

More and more, users and clients are demanding virtual components to physical services. From transportation reservations to salon appointments, every organization that intends on sticking around is more likely to do so by giving their users the ability to access services online.  

If you’re in need of a gym management tool, take a look at G2’s software page, where you can read real user reviews to help decipher the correct tool for you.

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