Automate Customer Service Tasks with Help Desk Software

Customer service teams should want to be consistently busy. Constant customer inquiries means that, frankly, you have customers and those customers care enough to contact you about issues or concerns. Help desk software offers customer service teams a valuable, time-saving asset by providing automation for a number of day-to-day tasks. These automations can help your team become more efficient by focusing on high priority escalations and leaving customers satisfied.

Here are a few help desk automation features that are advantageous for customer service teams:

Ticket routing

While this might sound obvious, help desk software can help route and prioritize customer inquiries for better business processes. The solution sends the ticket to the proper person, team or department that can best serve the customer. The help desk can also prioritize high-urgency requests or issues so representatives know who they need to take care of first. This saves team members the energy of sorting through all customer tickets and analyzing them for routing or priority purposes.

Reminders and notifications

It is easy for a customer service representative to forget about a ticket after they have provided the proper response. Often, representatives have so many tickets that it is difficult to remember exact details or how they personally responded, but help desk software can provide necessary reminders and notifications. If a customer comes back with feedback, the software can notify the proper team member that the problem has been resolved. Also, help desk software can alert the representative if they have overlooked an urgent ticket. These reminders and notifications can be based on service-level agreements that are standardized by the company or customer service manager.

Provide generic responses

Companies may have consistent issues that arise and, instead of taking the time to build unique responses, users can save past replies to reuse as canned responses. While a generic response is good as an initial line of defense, if a problem escalates a human touch will most likely become necessary.  Canned responses can be a massive time-saver for employees, allowing them to take on more tickets.

Suggested responses

Going one step beyond canned responses, a help desk may be able to suggest a plan of action based on the submitted ticket. When routing to the proper representative, the software may assess the problem and give a list of possible responses that could take care of the issue. As help desks become more advanced with machine learning capabilities, they may be able to combine this step with the canned responses and automate the submission of an initial reply.

Track ticket response time

A major benefit for customer service managers is the ability for help desks to track the average ticket response time. By knowing how long certain issues take to resolve, a manager can better plan out work processes, or even use it to plan hiring schedules. This data is also beneficial when creating service-level agreements or measuring employee performance.

These are just a handful of ways help desks can help automate customer service processes. By saving time, customer service representatives can service more people and better resolve issues. Making a customer happy after they have experienced a problem helps build trust in the brand and further encourages them to purchase in the future.

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