Top 10 Help Desk and IT Ticketing Systems

Positive customer experiences keep a business afloat, and one way to ensure these positive experiences is through the use of help desk software. These tools provide your customers with information and support surrounding your business’s services. Customer concerns are submitted by email, phone or social media. These concerns are then turned into tickets, which allow your employees to easily respond to external customer inquiries.

Providing a good customer experience means different things to different businesses. No matter what the focus of your customer support experience is, there should be a help desk tool for you.

The help desk and IT ticketing solutions below rank the highest in user satisfaction based on verified reviews from real users on G2 Crowd. Each product is broken out with information you need to make a well-informed decision before you buy.

Top 10 Help Desk Technician Software Systems

Editor’s note: All data is of Nov. 16, 2017.

Top 10 Help Desk Systems for Technicians

  1. LiveAgent
  2. TeamSupport
  3. Freshdesk
  4. LiveChat
  5. Zendesk Support
  6. Zoho Desk
  7. Intercom
  8. Hiver
  9. HappyFox

LiveAgent Help Desk Technician

Product Name: LiveAgent
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Integrations: Zapier, Google Analytics, MailChimp and more

LiveAgent pricing: LiveAgent offers three different pricing plans. The Ticket plan is available at $12/month per user seat. Email Support for IT ticketing and contact forms and a forum and knowledge base are among the features included for this plan.

The Ticket + Chat plan is available for $29/month per user seat. Live chat, real-time visitor monitoring and feedback management are just some of the features offered.

The All-Inclusive plan is available for $59/month per use seat. Gamification, call center support and social media are just a few of the features offered in this help desk system plan, in addition to the features in the Ticket and Ticket + Chat plan.

Why you should consider it: If you are a small- to mid-sized e-commerce business, LiveAgent could be the help desk tool for you. This ticketing platform is actually specifically geared toward this audience. LiveAgent allows for the option to integrate a live chat button onto your e-commerce platform to help increase sales and customer satisfaction.

One LiveAgent review praised this component, saying that this feature is a “good software to handle tickets in an e-commerce business…[it] is a wonderful choice for that purpose.”

Another LiveAgent review called this tool, “almost all-in-one for handling e-commerce customer care. Having e-mails, live chat, social media posts, and even phone calls in one place is great tool for great customer care.”

TeamSupport Help Desk Technician

Product Name: TeamSupport
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Integrations: Salesforce CRM, Slack and Visual Studio

TeamSupport pricing: There are two TeamSupport pricing plans to choose from. The Support Desk option is designed for end-user customer support or external help desk operations. This plan costs $40/month per agent. It allows users to assign, track and manage customer support tickets.

The Enterprise plan is designed for SaaS and technology companies. It is offered for $55/month per agent. Track support issues, product bugs, defects and feature enhancements with this option.

Why you should consider it: TeamSupport is geared toward B2B organizations, and grows as your business grows. TeamSupport’s internal collaboration solution allows employees to quickly respond to and resolve customer issues. TeamSupport understands that B2B services requires that B2B businesses require tools that allow you to respond to inquiries quickly, as to not sever any professional relationships.

One TeamSupport review calls it a “great tool for B2B support.” The review goes on to say, “TeamSupport was built with B2B support in mind. The ticket flow really focuses on collaboration and allowing the team to help each other.”

Freshdesk Help Desk Technician

Product Name: Freshdesk
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Integrations: SurveyMonkey, Slack and ActiveCampaign

Freshdesk pricing: Freshdesk offers five different plans. There is the Sprout plan, which is free of cost. It offers an email support channel, a basic phone support channel, a basic social channel and a knowledge base.

The Blossom help desk plan is available for $19/month per agent (billed annually). This plan includes satisfaction surveys, custom domain mappings, custom apps and time tracking.

The Garden plan is available for $35/month per agent (billed annually). With this plan, users receive multi-lingual support, live chat and community forums, linked IT tickets and scheduled reports.

The Estate plan can be purchased for $49/month per agent (billed annually). This option includes multiple products, role-based dashboards, portal customization and enterprise reports.

The final plan is the Forest plan, available at $89/month per agent (billed annually). It includes IP white listing, custom email servers, shared ownership and machine learning.

Why you should consider it: If the user experience of creating and submitting tickets is high on your wish list for a new product, Freshdesk could be the tool for you. Based on user reviews, members of the G2 Crowd community have rated its ticket creation user experience at 91 percent.

One Freshdesk review praised the “neat features like merging tickets, adding watchers to a ticket, making notes on a ticket, etc.”

Another Freshdesk review remarked on a favorite feature, saying, “The filtering feature allows for us to see tickets located in the many different departments on our team. We are also able to categorize tickets accordingly and move them into their designated queue which allows us to organize tickets, and stay efficient.”

LiveChat Help Desk Technician

Product Name: LiveChat
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Integrations: HubSpot, ActiveCampaign and Dropbox

LiveChat pricing: LiveChat offers six different plans for help desk technician users. The Starter plan is available at $16/month per user. Per LiveChat, this plan is ideal for somebody just getting started with their small business. The Regular plan, available at $30/month per user is geared toward a more educated customer service specialist.

The Team plan is available for $33/month per user and is an ideal plan for full-time customer IT ticketing and support teams. Businesses with a fully fleshed out customer service department may want to consider the Enterprise plan, available at $50/month per user. The Enterprise Plus plan, available at $149/month per user is geared toward Fortune 500 companies.

Why you should consider it: It’s right there in the name — LiveChat’s chat support function was rated more favorably than its other features by G2 Crowd users. LiveChat offers a variety of chat tools, customizations and plenty of features to engage customers so that you can ensure they have the best possible experience on your business’ ticketing system.

LiveChat’s ticketing system has a multitude of features that allows for a seamless ticket creation experience. This tool allows users to share files, access chat transcripts and block disruptive users.

One LiveChat review praised the usability of the chat component. She went on to write, “It has allowed us to be a help desk for our newly launched online registration portal. LiveChat has also allowed us to extend our hours we are available to speak with existing and potential clients. People choose various ways to communicate and LiveChat allows access to our business through another medium.”

Zendesk Support Help Desk Technician

Product Name: Zendesk Support
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars
Integrations: Dropbox, Salesforce CRM, SurveyMonkey and more

Zendesk pricing: Users can choose between the four available Zendesk Support help desk system plans. The Essential plan is available for just $5/month. Features such as unlimited email addresses, a basic knowledge base and agent macros are included with this option.

The Team plan, available at $19/month, includes such features as a branded help center, a customer portal and performance dashboards. The Professional plan, offered at $49/month, offers community forums, multilingual content, custom private apps and more. The final option, Enterprise, is available for $99/month and offers features such as custom agent roles, multi-brand support and hourly insights.

Why you should consider it: If integrating your new chat tool with another IT ticketing solution is vital to your business, Zendesk Support might be the answer. This tool offers more than 90 integrations.

Zendesk also offers over 600 support apps that can be connected straight to chat. These apps range from productivity to time tracking to social media. Both the apps and additional integrations are designed to make chatting a smoother process for your team.

One Zendesk review called this the “best ticketing system period.” The review went on to say, “If you want to use a tool that can be integrated and customized with a rich set of applications (both 3rd party and custom) as well as a great REST API, this is the product to choose.”

Zoho Desk Help Desk Technician

Product Name: Zoho Desk
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars
Integrations: Zoho CRM and Amazon Connect

Zoho Desk pricing: Zoho Desk offers three different plans. The first, the Free plan, offers such tools as a knowledge base, community forums, domain mapping and more.

The Professional plan, available at $12/month per user, includes such features as multi-channel support, help desk automation and multi-department management. The Enterprise plan is available at $25/month per user. This plan includes features such as scheduled reports, contract management and custom ticket templates.

Why you should consider it: If phone, text and email support is just as important to your business as live chat, Zoho Desk could potentially be a good help desk system fit for you.

One Zoho Desk review says, “Easy to set up with good customer support. Web portal is great and pre-built HTML email template is a nice touch to support emails.”

Another positive Zoho Desk review said that, “this tool is capable of just about everything.” He went on to say, “At this point, we do not have anything we do not like. We have been using it for a couple of months. There are some outstanding questions around task templates, but everything has been working as designed.”

Intercom Help Desk Technician

Product Name: Intercom
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars
Integrations: Stripe, Slack, Zapier and more

Intercom pricing: Intercom offers three different plans. The Engage plan starts at $53 and is targeted toward onboarding and retaining customers with targeted email and in-app messages.

The Respond plan also starts at $53. This option allows your customer support team to help buyers through live chat, email and social media. The Educate plan is available at a monthly rate of $49. This plan allows users to scale their support with a knowledge base where customers can help themselves.

Why you should consider it: If you want a tool that goes a little bit beyond just customer support, consider Intercom. This tool not only offers a live chat and support component, but marketing as well. Integrations such as Facebook and Marketo allow you to easily connect with customers and store all their relevant information.

One Intercom review calls it a great tool for customer communication. The review went on to say, “The platform is great for helping sales, marketing, and support teams better communicate with customers.”

Hiver Help Desk Technician

Product Name: Hiver
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars
Integrations: Zapier and HBase

Hiver pricing: Hiver offers buyers four different plans. The Free plan is for up to three users and provides basic email productivity and collaboration. The Starter plan is available for $7/user/month annually or $8 billed monthly. The Starter plan comes with features such as shared mailboxes for Gmail, shared Gmail labels and email snooze.

The Plus plan is available for $12/user/month annually or $14 billed monthly. With this plan, users can get everything in the Starter plan, plus Collision Detection, powerful access controls and reporting. Businesses who wish to have more than 50 seats should reach out to Hiver directly for a customized plan.

Why you should consider it: Hiver utilizes Gmail for customer support and ticketing. This tool allows your team to collaborate on a shared inbox right from Gmail. Administrators may assign an email within the inbox to any specific team member and communicate internally about inquiries using email notes. So if Gmail is a vital part of your business, this could be the customer support support for you.

One Hiver review said that this tool is the “essential app for Google suite users.” The review went on to say, “If you live in Gmail or Google suite (apps) in a team environment you simply need to use Hiver.”

HappyFox Help Desk Technician

Product Name: HappyFox
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars
Integrations: Salesforce CRM, Twilio and Trello

HappyFox pricing: HappyFox offers four different plans — Mighty ($29/month per staff), Fantastic ($49/month per staff), Enterprise ($69/month per staff) and Enterprise Plus ($89/month per staff).

Each of these plans offers a plethora of useful features. The higher you climb up in the price plan, the more features you get. Some features included across the board are SLA management, a self-service knowledge base, ticketing system filters and role-based security.

Why you should consider it: A collaborative customer support team looking to efficiently share their knowledge with customers should consider HappyFox as their help desk system. HappyFox offers its own searchable knowledge database.

One HappyFox review said, “Happyfox enabled us to setup a searchable knowledge base so our customers can find the answers to their questions very easily. It also enabled us to set up categories for different types of questions and issues which makes it easy for us to reply to important issues first.” Help Desk Technician

Product Name:
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars
Integrations: Nice Reply and Salesforce CRM pricing: offers three different pricing plans. There’s the standard, which is an all-in-one customer support system for small businesses. It’s available for $20/month per agent.

The Pro plan, available for $60/month per agent, can provide your business with a scalable help desk and IT ticketing experience. The Business Plus plan is available at $100/month per agent. This plan is best for enterprise businesses.

Why you should consider it: is powered by Salesforce. This integration allows any member of your team with Salesforce access to get real-time reports and dashboards related to this information. And since the two tools pair so seamlessly, you can easily upgrade your solution, as all data is already stored within Salesforce. If Salesforce is the lifeblood of your company, you may want to consider for your help desk tool.

One review said, “ is simply the best support and case tracking tool in Salesforce. The ability to reassign cases is easy and the tracking and integration into Salesforce is awesome.”

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