G2 Crowd’s Top Five HR Tech Trends

The role of human resources has gone way beyond the administrative. More than ever, companies see employees as an organizational resource, and it’s the HR team’s job to manage that valuable asset.

In today’s organizations, these professionals juggle recruiting, performance management and education alongside traditional tasks like payroll and benefit administration. They also provide data to leadership to guide big business decisions and oversee organizational changes, such as restructuring.

As these practitioner’s responsibilities become more complex, the use of software to keep things straight is also on the uptrend. G2 Crowd now features nearly 700 HR products across 17 categories, including core HR, performance management, and corporate LMS. Our reviews are at an all-time high, too. The number of reviews for core HR, performance management and recruiting products on our site has grown by more than 2.5 times since the beginning of 2015.

So which tools do professionals love, and which ones are they ready to furlough? Check out our Infographic (below) and get insight into our top five HR tech trends.

  1. Better analytics are high on the HR wish list.

 We’ve said it before: You don’t have to be an analyst to benefit from analytics software. Measurable, actionable data helps workers in every discipline make more informed decisions. If you work in HR, robust reporting tools put tax information, salary details, attendance records, training data and more at your fingertips, enabling you to provide custom reports to leadership or meet government reporting requirements.

Unfortunately, many G2 users aren’t getting the analytics capabilities they need. The biggest pain point among reviewers is reporting limitations, with 19 percent mentioning it in their product reviews. Common complaints are a lack of customizable reports and outdated or non-intuitive reporting processes. As one reviewer noted, “The reporting capability can be difficult to customize. [I] would love more ad-hoc reporting.”

Other software pain points for reviewers? A clunky user experience and user interface (15.4 percent), lack of mobile capabilities (8.6 percent) and the inability to customize software (8.4 percent).

  1. Many HR employees are going mobile – but their tools aren’t following them.

It’s an on-the-go world – mobile Internet use has eclipsed desktop use, with 60 percent of surfing time spent on phones and tablets. As the workforce becomes increasingly global and more employees work remotely, HR users need to be able to respond to applicant postings or check attendance records from anywhere. According to G2 Crowd’s research, though, a lack of mobile options is stopping many HR departments in their tracks.

When G2 Crowd surveyed users for its Winter 2016 HR Management Suites Report, users rated mobile capability across all HR solutions at 67 percent, the lowest average rating of any function. The good news is that products with a strong mobile game are getting recognition. One user praised the “mobile first” development approach of their core HR tool, saying it was “built for technology of the 21st century.”

Along with mobile development, the survey reveals that HR software companies need to design products that adapt to customer workflows more easily. Respondents rated customization capabilities at 73 percent, and integration APIs came in at 74 percent.

  1. Corporate learning management systems are pretty great….

Getting employees up to speed is seamless with the learning management systems (LMS) on the market, according to G2 Crowd users. The LMS category snagged the highest net promoter score (NPS), 77, which means the vast majority of G2 Crowd reviewers are singing its praises. The only other category that came close was course authoring, with an NPS of 73. Performance management came in third with a much lower NPS of 33.

Corporate LMS reviewers on G2 Crowd raved about the ability to streamline administrative tasks, eliminate paper tests, and run powerful reports on course results. As one reviewer put it, “Their LMS is the pearl on the crown, it is a great platform to host all types of trainings and makes training management a lot more efficient and effective.” 

  1. … But HR management suites have some work to do.

HR management suites landed at the bottom of the list, eking out an average NPS of six, which means reviews are split nearly evenly between evangelizers and naysayers. These all-in-one solutions provide functionality across a wide range of areas, including recruiting, performance management, training and e-learning, and core HR, so it can be tough to find a product that aligns with each of your business’ needs.

Users also complained about clunky user interfaces, outdated processes, errors with data population and reporting, and difficulty integrating the various modules with one another as well as other programs. One reviewer compared the implementation process to childbirth, calling it “super painful.” Other low-scoring categories included core HR, with an NPS of 19, and recruiting software, with an NPS of 23.

  1. The decision to go with a suite or stand-alone products depends on your company’s size.

Size matters when it comes to your software investment. Of the HR management suite users on G2 Crowd, 55 percent are enterprise companies, while 37 percent are mid-market companies and just 7 percent are small businesses. One administrator who works for a large utility company called his HR suite “the ultimate one-stop shop” and said all the modules work together well. Core HR products also skew more toward enterprise – 53 percent of G2 Crowd users are large companies, while 39 percent are mid-market companies and just 6 percent are small businesses.

Targeted solutions get more love from SMBs on G2 Crowd. For example, just 10 percent of course authoring software reviewers on G2 Crowd are enterprise companies, compared with 30 percent small businesses and 60 percent mid-market companies. SMBs also make up 63 percent of the reviews for performance management software on G2 Crowd, most likely since many enterprises are already using HR suites equipped with that function.

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