Working 9 to 5: From Temping to Full-Time Employment

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At G2 Crowd, we use temps to help get the job done. Courtney Moran, a fellow research specialist that I now work closely with, started off as a temp at G2 Crowd. In her past professional life, she was a chef. But once she decided leave the world of pastries and omelets behind, Moran realized she may need a little help in switching career paths. I spoke with her about the transition from chef to G2 Crowd Research Specialist, which she made with the help of a staffing agency.

Why’d you choose to work for a staffing agency?

I was in the midst of a job hunt and was looking for a quick fix. Temping allowed me to work while I applied for a full-time job.

How was your interaction with the recruiter at this agency?

Great. They were one of about 10 staffing agencies I applied to. I heard from a recruiter the next day, and she asked me what I was looking for in a job. The recruiter was very friendly and professional, and I was excited about the potential job opportunities.

What about your interaction with the recruiter once you started temping with G2 Crowd?

The first week I started temping at G2 Crowd, I received multiple calls from the recruiter I worked with and from someone from the agency who follows up with field staff to rate their experience. She wanted feedback on my first week at G2 and my experience with the staffing agency. On my second week into the job, my contact from the staffing agency came to G2’s office to introduce herself and hand-deliver paystubs and donuts.

What were your interactions with coworkers at G2 Crowd like when you were temping?

Temps are hired to work on very specific tasks, so my main interactions were with my immediate supervisor and fellow temp. I didn’t meet many members of the research specialist team until I became a full-time employee.

Two months into her time with G2, Moran accepted a full-time position with the company. Moran was surprised that she ended up finding a full-time job so quickly. As she completely changed fields, she expected that she would be temping for a lot longer.  

How did your interactions with coworkers at G2 Crowd change once you went full-time?

It’s been a slow transition. Although I’d been in the office for a few months, I had not met too many people. I was in what I like to refer to as the “temp zone.” Since becoming full-time, everyone has been incredibly warm and welcoming.

Let’s say you were going to look for a new job tomorrow. Would you go back to a staffing agency?

I would do both. I’d start with staffing agencies ­to get temp work rolling. That being said, it would be great if there was a way to compare staffing agencies (ahem, G2 Crowd). Once I’d registered with a few agencies, I’d focus my time on editing my resume and writing cover letters for a wide range of full-time jobs. The job hunt is a slow process, so temping allowed me time to cast a wide net.

It’s funny that you mention wishing there was a way to compare staffing agencies, since that is one of G2 Crowd’s new B2B service categories. How do you think this will change the way people find staffing agencies?

I read a Yelp review of the staffing agency that led to the job at G2 Crowd. It was not really helpful because it felt like it was just a place for people to list their complaints. I couldn’t take it seriously. Having a site with thoughtful and insightful reviews of staffing agencies would be more helpful than just Googling, “best staffing agencies.” Although a search of “10 best companies to work for in Chicago” did lead me to this staffing agency, and most of my other searches were dead ends. I applied to staffing agencies because enough friends suggested I try them. But if there was something that could replace that word-of-mouth aspect, that could’ve given me a push to do it sooner.

If you take a look at our one of our most-reviewed staffing agencies (as of Aug. 8, 2017), you can see that this particular organization is well-regarded in the staffing world. One review said, “They do a great job of vetting candidates and company fit. They work with a large number of clients and can quickly line up a bunch of interviews with qualified companies/candidates.” Another user praised the agency’s professionalism and quality of candidates.

G2 Crowd has used the same staffing agency for years — so long that I could not track down the person who first initiated the relationship with the agency. Every temp we hire comes through this agency. If your business is looking to create a similar positive relationship with a staffing agency to get temporary work, check out our staffing agencies page to compare the options on the market. Before you commit to a staffing agency, you can now see which ones are located in your city, thanks to the newest feature on our B2B services pages. Leave a review detailing your experience to help another business find the best staffing agency for them.