5 Best Websites for Finding Jobs

Love or hate the internet — that all-consuming little invention that dominates our waking hours — it’s made certain aspects of life infinitely easier. The job search (and candidate search) is without a doubt one of these things. Rather than hanging fliers, buying space in the newspaper or yelling from the tops of buildings (or whatever recruiters did before the web), online job boards allow businesses and staffing agencies to create listings for little or no charge and provide them the opportunity to be tracked down in milliseconds by potential candidates. On the other end, job seekers can surf thousands of openings while slurping cereal milk in their PJs.

For people out there who need jobs or employees (read: everyone), job boards are incredible resources that have proven fruitful for millions around the world. A 2015 survey revealed that 80 percent of these services have a mobile-friendly version, with the number surely increasing since then. Previous generations would scoff at the notion that we’d one day have this power in the palm of our hands: to recruit, search, apply and interview for a new career in an instant from anywhere. A website for jobs is technology done right, and even those old souls among us would have trouble arguing with their convenience and myriad benefits.

Earlier this summer, the Job Boards category earned the distinction of being the first B2B services category on our site with enough reviews for a Grid®, illustrating the momentum of this industry. Simply put, it’s hot like fresh soup and there’s plenty to go around. There are more than 40 websites for jobs profiled on G2 Crowd, and many more out there — each with hundreds, if not thousands, of engaged businesses and new roles filled every day.

You can expect these services to remain at your disposal for the foreseeable future. But the perfect candidate might not be — so you don’t want to risk missing out on grabbing their attention before your competitors. To throw your hat in the ring, register with one (or several) of the major job boards on the market and beat your competitors to the punch.

Five of the best websites for jobs out there, according to verified user reviews on G2 Crowd:

1. Indeed

Is the first Google result when you enter “search for jobs” also one of the best-reviewed providers? Yes, indeed! Launched in late 2014, Indeed grew to become the Google of job boards by borrowing the search giant’s biggest strength: simplicity. The homepage is stark and white, with a no-frills search bar and quick links for uploading resumes or new postings. This allows the descriptions from millions of exciting companies and candidates to shine.

As a hiring business, you have the option to float higher in searches by “sponsoring” your job listings (aka $$). This is not a terrible idea, as the reigning highest-traffic website for jobs and No. 1 Leader on the G2 Crowd Grid® will continue to draw countless visitors from 60-plus countries to browse its pages.

2. LinkedIn Job Search

Our favorite “Facebook for professionals” networking site pulls double duty as a job search solution. The LinkedIn Job Search service has 4.5 stars while amassing nearly 80 G2 Crowd reviews, as of press time, making it a bona fide Leader in the space. Syncing with the information from candidate profiles, recruiters can seamlessly skim through employment histories, skill sets, recommendations and other qualifications. Job seekers can find some added benefits from all this integrated data as well.

In the words of one 5-star LinkedIn Job Search review:

“I like that you can see what skills other applicants have so that you can compare yourself to see if you are the best fit for a role. As a recruiter, I like that you can see any connections you may have with a candidate before you reach out to them.”

3. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is perhaps best known as a review platform for employees’ experiences at a company, pulling back the curtains on what it’s really like to work at various companies and providing invaluable insights for those considering a career there. The site — with information spread across 190 countries, more than $200 million in funding and a valuation of $1 billion — is also a highly trusted job marketplace, with 4.5 stars on G2 Crowd.

Glassdoor made headlines in early October for its move to prohibit job postings that discriminate against any particular demographic of applicants. It’s worth your time to check out the service and see what the hype’s about. While you’re there, you may as well see what employees past and present are saying about life at your organization! Thousands of companies like yours undoubtedly leverage this information — painful as it may be — to address issues and make improvements.

4. Dice

Specializing in tech-related roles, Dice is an offering of DHI Group (formerly Dice Holdings), a San Francisco-based firm launched in 1990. According to the Dice website, the service is used by industry giants such as Cisco, Dell, HP and Deloitte to recruit the best talent in the world for positions in development, UX, graphic design and other modern vocations. If you’re in Silicon Valley or one of the many cities poised to become a comparable technology hub, Dice is a terrific place to fill your hiring needs.

5. Simply Hired

Don’t just take it from the G2 Crowd reviews — Simply Hired also boasts a number of awards and features on major lists, including No. 3 ranking on Forbes’ list of Top 10 Best Websites for Your Career in 2013. The service is a prime example of a job board aggregator, which mines postings from different job boards, social networks, newspaper listings and company career sites to deliver comprehensive search results to job seekers.

It also allows hiring businesses to post to “100-plus” job boards within minutes from one centralized location. Although it was acquired by Recruit Holdings in 2016, it continues to flourish on the web thanks to its wide pool of listings and other features such as the salary estimator, trending companies and job search advice.

Even if you desire a job as far away from tech as possible, you should put your differences aside for the purpose of the search. Job search coaches Career websites and even the jobs section of Craigslist make searching for work and seeking qualified candidates a breeze. And now that we have them, it’s hard to imagine a world without them.

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