5 Best Websites for Finding IT Help Desk Technician Jobs

When there’s something strange … in your motherboard … who you gonna call?

Your IT support team, that’s who. (Stay in your lane, Ghostbusters.)

As reported in a 2013 Small Business Technology Survey by the NSBA, 87 percent of small businesses utilized computers, up from 76 percent in 2010; this percentage is likely even higher by now. Approximately 50 percent of survey respondents said their business had grown more dependent on technology in the previous 12 months. As technology storms forward, infiltrating the workdays and operations of diverse industries worldwide, help desk technician jobs grow exceedingly critical to save the day when issues arise. And they will!

These are the resident superheroes in any company reliant on hardware and software — which, as the data shows, is now most of them. Popular job boards and staffing agencies are flipping these roles like hotcakes, and colleges are building out offerings for degrees in Information Technology and Computer Support in a race against the surging demand. To avoid frightful hiccups in their technology, business owners will be seeking qualified IT help desk assistance for the indefinite future. But as with any field, experience and will go a long way in landing the best-paying roles, and there’s no better time than now to start establishing your worth.

If you’re an aspiring hero of the IT support desk variety, you can start by perusing these five websites to get an idea of help desk technician jobs in your area and get your application in the right hands.

Best websites for finding help desk technician jobs

  1. Indeed
  2. Dice
  3. Robert Half
  4. ZipRecruiter
  5. TEKsystems

1. Indeed

Indeed Help Desk Technician Jobs

Whether you’re out to be an IT expert, firefighter or fishmonger, Indeed is a job board designed to fit your needs. As of press time, it stands as the No. 1 Leader in the job boards category on G2 Crowd, with a rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars from 90-plus verified user reviews. A search for the phrase “IT help desk” on Indeed’s platform results in over 21,000 job listings, and the service allows you to filter by location, estimated salary and employment type (e.g. full-time, contract, etc.).

It also saves your search queries so you can easily check back in — new listings go live all the time, and the good jobs don’t stay available for long!

Top features:

— Saved recent searches
— Resume upload for employer scouting
— Employment trends by job category
— Salary search and comparison
— Recommended jobs through email

2. Dice

Dice Help Desk Technician Jobs

Dice takes the opposite approach of megasites like Indeed, specializing in only tech-based postings such as IT help desk technician jobs, along with openings for developers, data scientists and the like. The service currently features nearly 75,000 tech jobs, with one-fourth of those relating to help desk positions.

Additional features include a Skills Center and an Insights blog with in-depth reports on relevant industries and trends. One of the five-star Dice reviews for the service sums it up nicely in its title: “Dice is a phenomenal job board for top IT talent.” You could do worse than Dice when seeking work as an IT help desk technician or another tech-minded career with an exciting organization.

Top features:

— Trending searches
— Skills Center
— Career ToolKit
— Insights blog

3. Robert Half

Robert Half Help Desk Technician Jobs

With a revenue of $5 billion in 2015 and 400 staffing locations around the world, Robert Half’s credentials among job seekers are basically unparalleled. Though the company broke ground in 1948, it expands and evolves with the employment landscape, recently making its presence felt in the tech sector.

The company’s primary website boasts a job search feature where IT candidates, including help desk technicians, can skim through listings from in-demand organizations around the United States. Each search has a 1,500 item cap in the results, and the query “IT help desk” spits back a maxed-out number of listings. It’s safe to assume the actual number of listings at a given time is a tad larger (if not several tads).

Top features:

— Staffing and recruiting expertise
— Job alerts
— Easy application processa
— Detailed listings

4. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter Help Desk Technician Jobs

A quick search for “IT help desk technician” jobs on ZipRecruiter returned 340,000 results. Wowza. ZipRecruiter is an aggregator of sorts, with the pitch that clients on both ends — job seekers and hiring businesses — tap into 50-plus job boards with each use. Help desk candidates can see helpful information such as the average salaries in the field, similar job titles, and the top cities and states with IT help desk jobs.

In a five-star ZipRecruiter review for the service, one person writes, “I get job alerts just about everyday … jobs that actually match my skill set and not jobs that I don’t have any interest in or that I am just not qualified for. And last of all, my suggested jobs that ZipRecruiter saved automatically are perfect, and all in my field of interest.”

Top features:

— One-click application for jobs
— Notifications and updates on applied jobs
— Trending searches
— Salary inquiries

5. TEKsystems

TEKsystems Help Desk Technician Jobs

Founded in 1983, the Maryland-based TEKsystems is an IT staffing agency with an easy-to-use job search and application function on its website. Currently boasting a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on G2 Crowd, TEKsystems is a tried-and-true resource for qualified candidates in the market for help desk and other IT positions.

In addition to staffing services, the company also offers implementation and consulting services for a handful of different software ecosystems, including popular Oracle and Amazon Web Services platforms. The company’s TEKsavvy® Blog is a long-running well of knowledge on the world of IT staffing and other professional points of interest.

Top features:

— TEKsavvy blog
— Staffing solutions
— Personalized recommendations
— Quick apply with profile

In short, there are plenty of quality websites for guiding you in your journey to be the next great IT help desk guru. Each journey begins with a single step, as they say, and paying one of these sites a visit might be the spark your career has been waiting for. You can also check out thousands of other listings on other popular job boards. In addition to job sites, you can meet with a staffing agency that can work with you to understand your skills and career aspirations, and potentially place you in a temporary role or score your an interview for a full-time position.

There are plenty of proven options at your disposable. The worst thing you can do on your IT help desk technician job search is nothing at all! Businesses around the globe need their own IT superheroes to ease the worries of the team and resolve tech issues before they spell danger. Are you going to answer the call?

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