Social Media Features for Marketing Automation Software

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Marketing automation software is a great tool to manage all of your marketing tasks in one place, including your social tasks. Social media is particularly important to have a grasp on in today’s marketing world because it has such a big influence on your business and the world around you.

Marketing automation is not just a one-stop-shop for social networking help either. Many marketing automation software options—especially the top-rated versions—have many social features you can use to strengthen your company’s social media work.

Social Engagement

How often do people just scroll past posts on social media? VERY frequently. Unless they are very engaged with the network at the time, they don’t want to waste time reading every single post. That’s why you want to give them a reason to stop. Marketing automation allows you to utilize social applications such as polls and referral programs that will get your followers engaging with your page and your company. Your page will no longer be just one of the many your followers follow, but it will become one that they actually connect with.

Social Ads

In advertising, one of the most powerful platforms today is social networks. So many people use these pages every day, so it gives you a huge audience to reach in a short amount of time. Marketing automation software has features that make this social media advertising most effective. Marketing automation lets you optimize social campaigns in real time, share your community stories and reach customers based on their pages and activity. The software makes sure your ads are targeted appropriately, and you can remain engaged with any ads you post.

Social Campaigns

Anyone who has managed social pages knows that posting on every page takes an incredible amount of time. Marketing automation software makes that process much more efficient. Marketing automation software allows you to schedule posts on one or multiple pages, gain analytics on your social media pages and lets you use fun tricks such as URL shortening to create a more visually appealing post.

Social Sharing

People reading your posts is a great sign that you’re crafting compelling posts, but you definitely gain more exposure when your posts are shared. Not only that, but once your post is shared, its reach often expands drastically. The social sharing button that marketing automation provides will track who is sharing your posts and, therefore, driving conversions around your brand.

By now marketers are aware of just how helpful marketing automation is to their team. Expanding on that, the social features that marketing automation provides will truly be a huge, positive tool to have when trying to build your brand.

Social media is only getting bigger and more popular, and to compete in today’s market, you need to have a strong, consistent social media presence. To develop that presence, you need to have solid posts that perform well, cultivate engaging posts and post in a timely manner. Marketing automation will help you do all of that – and more!

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