Completing the Marketing Picture with Pay-per-click Call Tracking Software

The first question asked about marketing efforts is frequently, “How do I justify this?” or “How does this increase revenue?” Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns can be appealing because of the ease of tracking clicks, bounce rates, marketing funnels, and conversion rates. The imperfect science of other marketing efforts like events and advertisements can make pay-per-click campaigns seem deceptively grounded and trackable.

Only measuring online conversions may be skewing your marketing metrics though. While customers research online, they may convert through other channels. Potential customers that follow up your PPC ad or their online research with a phone call are some of your best opportunities. That’s several minutes of uninterrupted time with a potential client to sell them on your product. But, that opportunity may never be connected back to your PPC campaign. Even if you discover they saw your ad, you’ll never find out which keyword they searched for or which ad copy finally convinced them to pick up the phone without a tool capable of properly attributing inbound phone calls.

Call tracking software improves PPC attribution

Call tracking software offers a solution for phone call attribution. By attaching different telephone numbers (purchased from the call tracking software provider) to your various PPC campaigns and keywords, call tracking software logs which numbers receive calls and then forwards them to your main line. After a user clicks through an ad, many solutions offer dynamic widgets for your website to display the phone number associated with that PPC ad across your site,. When assessing the value of a campaign, you can include the number of phone calls generated in your success metrics.

Better attribution means better results

A PPC campaign that generates a high volume of phone calls is a very valuable marketing asset. A potential client on the phone is much deeper into your sales funnel than a simple click on your ad. They have bought in: they are giving you their valuable time in order to find out more information. An assessment of marketing methods or PPC results that only considers clicks and online conversions could be missing a major component of your users’ behavior and the opportunity sell to more by encouraging those calls. You could be investing in ads that drive more clicks while underutilizing ads that get prospective buyers on the phone. If your clients often make first contact with you over the phone after researching your business online, you need a call attribution strategy to see a full picture of your marketing results.

Research call tracking solutions to find which product offers the most user-friendly tracking methods for the best price.