Maximize Marketing Results with Call Attribution

The world’s gone digital and your customers are finding out about your services everywhere: Search engines and Google ads; Yelp, FourSquare, and other reviews sites; Facebook and other social networks; flyers and billboards. You’ve ramped up your marketing efforts. Your site is SEO optimized, you’re advertising across all relevant keywords, customers and prospects subscribe to your email newsletters, they follow you on Twitter, and they’re writing about you on review sites. You’ve thrown every marketing noodle at the wall, now it’s time to step back and see what sticks.

As digital marketing strategies trend toward comprehensive campaigns spanning multiple online channels, attributing which marketing campaigns are driving traffic to your page becomes a matter of effectively tracking links in your digital analytics solution. And, if your customers only connect to you online, then that may be the end of the story: find the topics and keywords that garner the most clicks and conversions and go after them. But, this strategy ignores the fact that many customers—after they see your ad in their Facebook feed—just pick up the phone to get a quote.

Call attribution reveals which marketing methods deliver your most valuable leads.

That phone call—those 15 minutes of exclusive one-on-one time with a potential customer—is so much more valuable than a pay-per-click visitor who may or may not even attempt to connect with your business. Evaluating your marketing efforts is impossible without reliably attributing which ads brought you your most promising opportunities.

Maybe call attribution is as easy as a quick “Where did you hear about us?” when you start your pitch. But, this may not be tenable for a larger operation, and it won’t give you results about different search keywords or which branding is working best.

Call tracking software enables automated call attribution.

Call tracking services provide you with different phone numbers to use for each keyword, ad version, web page, newsletter, and billboard. Track how many times each phone number is used using call tracking software. Many even offer dynamic number insertion, which can display the phone number associated with one ad or keyword across your website when a visitor clicks through that ad to research more about your business. This way, you know exactly where each caller discovered you.

If you are analyzing a marketing strategy that incorporates multiple lead sources and a significant number of potential customers contact you by phone, call tracking software and call attribution will determine where your most ready-to-buy customers find out about your service.

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